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Although hair transplantation is aesthetically important by many people, it is actually one of the medical operations. There are some rules to be followed before and after the operation. Cleaning and hygiene stand out as the most important rules. There are many points to which close attention should be given from the lying position to bathing after the operation. However, hygiene is the most important of these points. It is important that the centers where the operation is performed are sterile. Because applications done in non-sterile environments are unsuccessful beside the fact that they will bring many health problems.

Hair loss, which is colloquially known as baldness, is one of the problems seen especially in 70% of males. There may be a condition such as partial baldness or a problem of hair loss from the forehead to the back may be observed. Hair loss is usually a medical problem, but it also brings along psychological problems in many patients.

Hair loss in men, especially in their early 25s, can turn into nightmares for the people who are careful about their appearance. There are many reasons of hair loss that may be genetic or environmental. However, hair loss will no longer be a permanent problem thanks to the operations you can have at reliable medical centers. The quality of the centers carrying out these operations should come to the forefront with hygiene rather than the techniques used.

There are many rules of hygiene that should be considered in hair transplantation. Let us remind you once more that if these rules are not followed, you may face permanent health problems.


1. Sterile Environment

Those who decide to have hair transplantation begin searching for hair transplantation centers and clinics. Prices should never be the determining factor at this point. Some of the clinics do not have the necessary equipment whereas in some clinics, hair transplantation techniques are performed untouched by human hands although their costs are expensive. Therefore, make sure that the price is never decisive for you, and that the patients who have had operations in the health center which you will prefer haven’t experienced any problems. Please contact with them if necessary.



2. Taking Hair Follicles

The hair follicles are taken during hair transplantation. These are called grafts. The graft is the part of the hair that consists of both roots and tissue. Because of the permanent effects of the process, the hair follicles should be stored in sterile conditions and the operation should be performed as soon as possible. If the hair grafts are not sterile and the procedure is incorrect, correcting the operation will be more difficult than doing the new one. Therefore, it is important to be careful in order not to damage the hair follicles and to determine the number of grafts considering the baldness in the region.

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3. Don’t Sweat

Hair roots can be damaged due to perspiration. Sweat can cause damage to the tissues as well as causing difficulty in hair growth. For this reason, take care not to exert effort after the operation.


4. Protect the Area

Particular attention should be paid to the lying position on the first day of the operation. Clinics provide special pillows for this purpose. If there is a serious baldness problem and the operation is done on the back of the head, this time you should welter instead of lying back.


Also avoid any contact with the area on which the operation is done. If you lie on the area of the operation while sleeping, edema may occur. Don’t worry, it will be over within a few days. Your doctor will give you the most accurate information about this issue.


5. Medical Dressing

The transplantation area will be covered with the help of a bandage. It should stay in that way for a day. The next day, you will need to go to the center where the operation is done and renew the dressing. You should take care not to keep this area open until it heals and to have dressings. In addition, if the hair transplantation is done close to the forehead, bandage will be applied after the dressing process in order not to create swelling effect on the eyes. If edema may occur in the eye area, there is no need to fear as it will disappear within a few days.

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6. First Wash

After the hair transplantation is completed, the area should not be in contact with water for the first day as medical dressing is going to be done. In general, the ideal time to wash the hair is second day. Lotions to wash the hair are given by the doctors. This process can also be done in the clinics where the operation is performed. Therefore, in the first day, never touch the area where the treatment is carried out with water and other chemical cleaners. The lotion rubbed by the doctor should be kept on for half an hour or less and rinsed with warm water.


7. Stay Away from Pool and Baths

The pools are in fact non-sterile environments. Especially entering distrusted places brings with them some serious health problems. For this reason, for the first 1 month doctors warn against plunging into the sea and the pool. You should also stay away from the activities such as sauna and sunbathing for a month.

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8. Exuviating

Within 10-15 days after hair transplantation, crusting will occur on the transplantation area. After washing your hair, you should not rub the towel on your head very hard. These crusts will be slipped easily by each wash.


9. Attention to the Risk of Getting Infected

Although hair transplantation is a savior for many people, it is necessary to play the game in accordance with the rules. When grafts are taken, situations such as slight bleeding in the area etc. will occur. It is also necessary to consider this operation as a surgery. Open wounds always invite an infection. Infection causes the procedure to fail and bring serious problems along. Thus, in order to keep away from the possibility of getting infected, you should definitely take care not to plunge into the pool or the bath and to avoid your head’s contacting with the non-sterile objects.


10. Ministry Approved Centers

Finally, we would like to re-emphasize that hygiene is important for hair transplantation. The operations to be carried out by unqualified persons in the under-the-counter businesses will cost you dearly. The instrument used for a different patient can be used for you without being sterilized. There is also a great risk of the disease contagion by blood.

Ministry Approved Centers

Thanks to hair transplantation you may dream of regaining the hair you have lost but if you ignore the rule of hygiene, you may encounter problems that you never expect. For this reason, you should carefully research the transplantation center and pay attention to the rules of hygiene that must be followed before and after the operation. It is extremely important that you act with a team that follows the technological developments and works in the light of science. Within the scope of hygiene rules, hair loss is no longer your nightmare!

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