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Our hair is one of the most important parts of our body. Its effect on the external appearance of the person is undeniable. Furthermore, hair is closely related to self-confidence. The more satisfied a person is with his external appearance, the higher his self-confidence will be. The main purpose of addressing these is to show how the hair affects the person from the spiritual point of view. Hair loss and regional hair loss are saddening situations when hair is so important for people. People who suffer from hair loss use a multiple number of methods to solve this problem.


Why Do We Lose Hair?

There are many reasons for hair loss. Hair has a structure that can be quickly exposed to the negative effects of external factors. Genetics, stress, vitamin deficiencies in the body, hormonal disorders, pregnancy and breastfeeding periods, various skin diseases, seasonal transitions, nutrition can be listed amongst these numerous reasons.

It is a natural condition for a healthy person to have hair loss up to 100-150 hair strands daily. If more than this amount of hair is being lost, then it can be stated that there is be a problem. In order to find the solution to hair loss, you must first find its cause.


Hair Loss Prevention Methods

First of all, if there is such a problem, the person should be calm and seek the source of the problem. Hair loss can be caused by various diseases as well as natural causes. Therefore, a dermatologist should be consulted in the first place. If there is a medical problem, appropriate treatments will be applied.

Hair Transplant Turkey 2018

Paying attention to issues that affect the lifestyle, such as sleep patterns, nutrition, smoking and alcohol use, will also help with the prevention of hair loss. If every method has been tried for hair loss but no result is obtained and your genetic structure is inclined to losses, then additional methods can be used. And one of these additional methods is hair transplantation.

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What is Hair Transplantation and How Does the Process Work?

It is a method preferred by men due to hair loss in today’s world. Hair transplantation is the process of transferring the samples taken from one’s own hair roots to the area where there is a loss. For this purpose, the roots to be transported are taken from the back of the head of the person and between the two ears. The root analysis of the area must be done correctly to transport the roots. Since the roots to be transplanted will be planted individually, their positions are determined with the help of a microscope. Otherwise, the hair can grow infrequently or overlay. The procedure should be handled by hair transplantation specialists in appropriate environments so that the hair transplantation process does not cause irreversible problems to the person.

During the procedure, regional numbing, also called local anesthesia procedure will be done, and the person will not experience any pain or discomfort problems. If the process is handled in hygienic environments and with competent staff, both the process and the result will be positive.

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Following hair transplantation, there may be a few complaints. Small-scale infections may occur in the area of hair transplantation or in the area of the roots taken to be used for transplantation. It will be useful to keep the patient under control for a certain period due to any potential complications. Because the hair transplanted have a living nature, that is they may still be affected by the genetic structure, repetitive hair loss in that area is an expected condition.



Some of The World-Famous Football Players That Had Hair Transplantation

In this section, we will talk about the world-famous international football players who have preferred the hair transplant method. Today, there are many football players who had hair transplantation. Football players are the world’s faces that are constantly on the screen because of their occupations. The image is a very important element for people that the world has its eyes on. They are kind of a role model for their followers. Therefore, they give importance to their appearances.

Most of the football players who experienced hair loss have favored hair transplantation. The fact that football players preferred hair transplantation and shared this process with their followers has been a good reference for those who will do the same thing. Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Robert Pires, Carlos Martins, Cenk Tosun, Leigh Griffiths, Raul Maireles and Jose Bosigngwa are only a few of these football players.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo


The famous Portuguese football player is among the football players who applied for hair transplantation as a method. In an interview, the famous football player emphasized how important his image was to him and confirmed that he had hair transplantation. Ronaldo was not only confined to hair transplantation, but he took it a little further. In Madrid, it was said that he had a partnership with a hair transplantation center. The initiatives of the famous football player in the field of hair transplantation can be accepted as an indication that he was satisfied with this procedure.


2. Wayne Rooney


The English football player also had hair transplantation and took his place amongst football players who changed their appearance. The famous football player shared the process of hair transplantation with his followers and expressed his satisfaction with the process on his social network pages.


3. Robert Pires


It is known that the French football player had hair transplantation at Ronaldo’s hair transplantation clinic. Although Pires did not have too much of an eye-scratching hair loss problem, it can be estimated that he had hair transplantation in order to have a bushier look. When his “before” and “after” pictures are evaluated, he is amongst the names who experienced the positive aspects of hair transplantation.


4. Carlos Martins


The Portuguese football player had a younger and more dynamic look after the process of hair transplantation. When we look at the pictures of the famous football player taken before transplanting, we can see that he had a real problem and hair transplantation was a correct decision for him. Following his hair transplantation, he continues his life as a completely different Martins in terms of his hair. Carlos Martins is also one of the names who trusted the experts in Ronaldo’s clinic for his hair transplantation process.


5. Cenk Tosun


The famous football player of Everton also aimed to change his image with hair transplantation. If we look at his current image, he seems to have reached the desired success.


6. Leigh Griffiths


The Scottish football player is also amongst the happy ones following the transplantation process. Looking at the previous look of the very top of his hair, the football player seems to have overcome the baldness problem post-procedure. The problem of the famous football player is also mostly the openings in the forehead area. It can be easily noticed that the parts opened have closed following hair transplantation procedure.


7. Raul Maireles


The famous football player is one of the international football players who played for Fenerbahçe in the past. Maireles also had trouble with his hair and applied for hair transplantation. The famous football player had a different style due to the lack of hair. He cut it around and only had a ball of hair on top. Maireles is one of the football players with a clear effect of hair transplantation.


8. Jose Bosingwa


The football player who has also played in Trabzonspor for some time did not have a serious baldness problem. Bosigngwa mostly requested hair transplantation for the openings he had on the forehead. The openings in the forehead were closed as desired following the procedure. The area in which the transplantation was applied had a bushier look.

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