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Almost everyone knows that hair must be brushed regularly for hair care. However, it is difficult to say that everyone knows that hair brushing may cause hair loss. Yes, if you don’t brush your hair in the right way, you may have hair loss over time. Therefore, you should not brush your hair as you like but with the proper methods. Let us examine together the improper hair brushing methods more closely. In this way, you will stop treating your hair in the wrong way and at the same time you will prevent your hair loss.

There are common mistakes in hair brushing. Most of the time, you make these mistakes unconsciously. Then you have to face the negative outcomes of this situation later on. Detailed information about these improper methods will be given in our article. You can realize your mistakes much more clearly thanks to this information. Having read this information, you will begin brushing your hair in the right way.

How should hair be brushed to avoid hair loss? What are the most common hair brushing mistakes?


1. Excessive Brushing

People, who care about their hair, brush regularly. Some people are more sensitive about their hair. These kinds of people brush their hair more. They think that their hair will look nicer and that it will be healthier in this way.  However, this is completely a city legend. Hair should be brushed for the right amount of time. This is twice a day on average. If the hair is curly, it should only be brushed before shampooing.

Another legend is that hair should be brushed with at least 100 strokes. This issue causes serious friction in the hair. Hair strands in continuous friction start to wear off over time. This in return weakens the hair and finally may even cause hair loss.


2. Improper Hair Brush Use

The quality of the hair brush used in brushing is quite important for hair health. This issue may sound absurd to you. In the end, the brush is a brush. But, there are serious quality differences between the brushes. These, in return, affect the hair health directly.

Low-quality brushes may be relatively rougher than normal ones. Also the gaps may be configured wrong or imprecisely. Use of such a brush will adversely affect the hair. You should not choose low quality brushes just because they are cheap. The brush you prefer should be of good quality and its gaps must be properly configured. Apart from this, the last point to pay attention is that the brush should be suitable for your hair type. It is not possible to think that brushes for curly and straight hair will carry similar characteristics.  


3. Quitting to Brush

Proper hair brushing is quite important for hair health. Therefore, it should be done on regular basis. However, some people quit brushing when they see some hair loss. This situation is not positive for your hair health and it does not prevent hair loss.

The reason of hair loss is the weakening of the follicles. If a hair strand is to be lost, quitting brushing is not a logical solution to prevent this. Because, even if you do not brush, that strand will be lost anyway. At this point, it is necessary to get some professional help and the reasons for hair lost should be investigated. In this way, hair loss may be prevented with the right treatment.


4. Hair Brushes Not Being Clean

Hair brushing is done to clean the weak hair strands and other stuff. Smooth appearance is another reason for brushing but it can be said that the main reasons are the above mentioned ones. At the end of brushing, the hair strands and other stuff come, naturally, on the hair brush. Therefore, the hair brush gets dirty after every brushing. If the brush is not cleaned regularly, scalp gets dirtier each time. This will damage the hair strands and scalp excessively.

For a healthy and proper brushing, clean your brush regularly. Clean all the hair strands on the brush. Cleaning other stuff will not always be possible by hand. Therefore, you can try washing in warm water with soap. In this way, your hair will be brushed in more proper and clean way.


5. Wet Hair Brushing

Hair brushing is done more easily when it is wet. The reason is that wet hair is more elastic than dry hair. This elasticity brings with it weakness and tendency to damage. If you brush it wet just because it is easier, you will witness that your hair will look thinner than normal. Another thing you will witness is the excessive splitting in your hair. Therefore, do not brush your hair before you dry it.

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6. Not Brushing the Hair before Shower

Hair brushing is generally done after the shower. But, hair should be brushed before the shower as well. Because, as mentioned above, hair is weaker when it is wet and it can get more damage. All the tangles in your hair may damage your hair in shower. To prevent this, you should definitely brush your hair before shampooing.


7. Brushing from Follicles

It is necessary to start hair brushing from the right place. The right place is definitely not the hair follicles. Some people start brushing from the follicles to finish it quicker and this situation causes serious damage for hair. Because the tangles close to the follicles are more difficult to open. When excessive power is exerted on the brush, hair either comes off or is broken. Therefore you should start brushing from tips and gradually move to the follicles.

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