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Hair plays a significant role in people’s appearance. Hair is one of the main factors that make up the image of people. Therefore, they pay much attention to their hair. However, hair weakens and starts to fall out over time for different reasons. A number of reasons such as genetic factors, stress, malnutrition, rapid weight loss, smoking and alcohol take an important place in hair loss. The factors mentioned here adversely affect blood circulation in the scalp. As a result, the hair is not fed enough and shed. Due to hair loss, the general appearance of people greatly changes. There are different methods developed to overcome this problem. One of them is hair filling.

Does hair filling really work? Can it bring the hair back? Is it an alternative to hair transplantation? All the answers are in our article.


What is Hair Filling Application?

Hair filling is a medical aesthetic application developed to provide solutions for hair loss. It is applied directly to the scalp. In this application, the scalp is injected with hyaluronic acid and a rich peptide chain specifically created for the hair. Thus, it is aimed to reduce hair loss and strengthen the existing hair more. In addition, hair follicles in the scalp are supported to produce hair.

The ingredients in the hair filling accelerate the blood flow in the scalp. This provides better nutrition to the hair follicles. In addition, it provides restructuring of the scalp. The benefits of hair filling can be listed as follows:

  • Slows down or stops hair loss completely. Thus, it prevents dilutions.
  • Significantly increases blood flow in the scalp.
  • Makes hair much healthier and fuller.
  • Causes hair growth again.

These are the benefits of hair filling in general. However, it should be noted that the aforementioned benefits only apply to the areas with hair. Therefore, hair filling and hair transplantation are definitely not alternatives of each other.

Hair transplantation provides solutions for the areas without hair follicles and permanently bald areas. Hair filling has no effect on such areas. It only enables the strengthening of existing hair and hair follicles. If there aren’t enough hair and hair follicles, hair transplantation should be preferred.


How is Hair Filling Applied?

Hair filling is applied by injection method. The application is done directly on the scalp. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes on average. Depending on the patient’s condition, this period may slightly increase or decrease. Immediately after the application, patients may return to their daily lives. The only thing to be aware of after this stage is that you shouldn’t wash your hair for the first 24 hours!

Hair filling sessions are usually repeated at 1-2 week intervals. The number of sessions may vary from patient to patient. It can be said that the general average is between 4-6 sessions.

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What Are the Benefits of Hair Filling?

The benefits of hair filling are listed above in general terms. But with an in-depth examination, it will be seen that the benefits are quite extensive. First of all, the content of the hair filling is very important in this issue. The rich peptide chain and hyaluronic acid play an important role in increasing blood circulation and nourishing hair more effectively. The hair’s getting stronger and cease of the hair loss mean that the hair is fuller.

Hair filling is one of the most effective methods that enable regrowth of hair in damaged areas. It is extremely easy to apply and can be completed in a short time. It certainly does not adversely affect patients’ lives. This method, when applied together with stem cells, revives hair follicles that have not yet died but have not been active for a long time. Other benefits can be listed as follows:

  • It nourishes the hair with its rich content and makes the hair stronger.
  • Combined with stem cells, it repairs hair and stops hair loss significantly.
  • Gives hair a vibrant and fresh appearance.
  • It stands out as a fast and painless medical application.
  • Revives fully immature hair cells.
  • Significantly increases the success rate of hair transplantation.


To Whom Can Hair Filling Be Applied?

Hair filling can be applied to men and women. This method is highly effective, simple and painless. The success rate is extremely high. The area where it is to be applied shouldn’t be completely dead and the hair or hair follicles must be present. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who are permanently bald.

It can be applied to people who have been exposed to hair loss for different reasons but have not lost their hair completely. In other words, it can be applied to patients who experience hair loss but are not yet eligible for hair transplantation. Thus, shedding is stopped and loosing hair completely is prevented.

One of the most important differences of this method is that it can be applied to people who have had hair transplantation. Yes! You haven’t read it wrong. People who have had hair transplantation can have hair fillings if their doctors give consent. With this process, the success of hair transplantation can be seriously increased. As it is known, when the hair follicles are transferred to their new places, they suffer casualties until they get used to it. It is at this time that the rich peptide and hyaluronic acid to be injected into the scalp feed the hair follicles. Thus, hair loss is much lower. This means that people’s expectations are met at a much higher level.


Things to Know About Hair Filling

Hair filling is generally a simple procedure. However, this procedure must be performed by qualified personnel in order to be successful. If non-specialist people incorrectly apply hair filling in a non-sterile environment, different problems may occur. In order to avoid such problems, specialist surgeons and a clinic that give high-quality health services should be preferred.

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