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The Covid-19 outbreak that started in China in the last months of 2019 spread all over the world in a short time and turned into a pandemic. Currently, the number of people infected worldwide has approached 20 million. When this was the case, some hesitations arose in those who were going to have a hair transplant. Is it right to have a hair transplantation during the pandemic process? Can international travel be preferred for hair transplantation abroad? If you are considering hair transplantation during the pandemic process, you can find answers to all your questions in the rest of our article.


What Should Those Who Have Hair Loss During Pandemic Process Do?

Are you suffering from a significant hair loss during the pandemic process and can’t you stop it with your own means? Don’t worry. You can access all the content published by our clinic about hair loss here.

Hair loss is an extremely serious problem and the problem can only be resolved with professional intervention. Here, you will be given treatment plan and some information regarding the price. When you accept the treatment offer, a detailed plan is prepared for all your needs, especially flight tickets and accommodation. In this way  you can safely get rid of hair loss and have hair transplantation onto sparse areas during this pandemic process.


Are International Flights Safe During Pandemic Process?

As is known, Covid-19 is a virus that can be transmitted from person to person. Therefore, almost all flights were stopped in the early days of the virus. However, this has changed a little today. Some countries have made international and national flights safer with the precautions they have taken. In short, traveling by plane has become relatively safe.

International Travel For Hair Transplantation During Pandemic

It should be noted that there are still some limitations at this point. The statements of the official authorities should be followed closely. In order to travel internationally, flights in your country must be allowed first. If there is no problem at this point, check if there is a warning about the country you will be traveling to. If there is no warning, you can make your flight in the pandemic process.

* Never forget that you must follow general rules such as masks, social distance, and the use of disinfectants during the flight.

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What Awaits Me When I Arrive at the Airport?

When you land at the airport, thermal cameras will automatically measure your temperature. If you have a normal temperature during this measurement, you can leave the airport. Those with high fever will be taken to test centers, where the Covid-19 test will be applied. Patients whose tests are positive will be treated in isolation.

It is mandatory to wear a mask on the plane and at the airport. You may also be asked to fill in a passenger form before leaving at the airport. Thanks to all these, your security will be ensured both at the airport and in other areas.


Are the Hotels at Which I Will Stay Hygienic?

Are the Hotels at Which I Will Stay Hygienic?

You need to request all of this information from your hair transplant clinic. The clinic will take the necessary precautions for your safety at the highest level. However, you can ask all the questions you have in mind as hearing this will relax you.

Hotels, airports and other common areas used are periodically disinfected. In such areas, there is a requirement to wear masks and they are strictly controlled. It can be said that your expectation at the point of hygiene will be met at the highest level thanks to the measures mentioned. However, never forget that you should choose a well-known and quality clinic in order to get what is mentioned here. As Cosmeticium clinic, we take all necessary precautions for your health at every step beginning from the moment you stepped into Turkey.



It can be said that your travel for hair transplantation during the pandemic process will be safe in general. Turkey is among “the low-risk” countries. Turkey carried out the fight against the pandemic extremely efficiently and the number of cases is decreasing with each passing day.

It was really difficult to make an international trip in the early days of the pandemic. Quarantine times and other measures were known to strain passengers. However, normalization process has recently started. Quarantine is no longer applied to all passengers, but only to those who have symptoms and positive test results. This situation has prevented long time losses.

You can safely have hair transplantation with the precautions to be taken during this period. After the hair transplantation, the treatments are done in the same way. All of these will enable your expectations to be met with hair transplantation and your natural hair. As a result, if you prefer a quality and hygienic clinic by taking your precautions, you can have your hair transplantation with peace of mind during the pandemic process.

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