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Being famous for the first time during the 1990s, Jamie Foxx then started to appear in Hollywood productions. Using “In Living Color” TV program as a stepping stone, he managed to take part in many Hollywood productions. This success resulted in a closer public examination for him. The recent change in his hair has attracted people’s attention. This, in return, resulted in questions whether Jamie Foxx had hair transplantation or not.

As is known, the number of people undergoing plastic surgery is quite high in the world of celebrities. The ones having hair transplantation is also considerable. However, the majority of celebrities do not accept such claims. They relate the change they have to makeup or similar factors. Jamie Foxx also had the same approach and left the claims unanswered about whether or not he had hair transplantation. Therefore, the information in our following article is the opinions of specialists. That is, it is a kind of prediction and assumption. But, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the predictions of specialists are usually true about hair transplantation.

Did Jamie Foxx really have hair transplantation? What was the secret about the change in his hair? All the details are in our article.

Was Jamie Foxx Bald?

When we look at famous actor’s outlook since his first films, we can easily say that he is not bald. There was only a retraction of about 3 fingers long in the hairline. This was a sign that he was having some hair loss problem.


Jamie Foxx Haircut

As you can see in the gallery below, although he tried a few different hairstyles when he was young, Jamie Foxx has been using the same haircut for a long time.

The Change in Jamie Foxx’s Hairline

Jamie Foxx Hairline

A clear hair loss was apparent in his hair, especially when the famous name was around 40 years old. It was in the form of hairline going backward. As it is known, this is quite common for many men at around this age. In some, hair loss may even cause permanent baldness.

Jamie Foxx After Hair Transplantation

In his recent photo, it is seen that his hairline is not in the old place. Specialists point out that there is an inconsistency between his hairline and his age. The hair transplantation is the only way to achieve such a change permanently. Considering this, it is highly probable that the famous name had the hair transplantation.

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Did Jamie Foxx Really Have Hair Transplantation?

No one knows whether or not the famous name had the hair transplantation except his doctor and himself. However, as per the predictions of the specialists, we can say that the reason for this change is the hair transplantation. That is, the famous name has gained a younger look with the hair transplantation. He used to have a bigger forehead in the past, but now he has a smaller forehead. This was possible with a clear movement of the hairline forward. Another detail is the tattoo on the back of his head.

Jamie Foxx Tattoo


Jamie Foxx Head Tattoo

It may sound illogical for some to relate the tattoo on the back of his head and hair transplantation. But in some hair transplantation methods, there may be scars left on the neck which is the donor area the grafts are taken from. This scar is formed exactly in the place where the tattoo is. In short, many people believe that he had this tattoo to cover the scar formed after hair transplantation.  Jamie Foxx, on the other hand, says that this tattoo is his present for himself. He again prefers to leave the hair transplantation claims unanswered.

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Is There a Scar Left after Hair Transplantation?

Discussions over Jamie Foxx’s tattoo caused a question of whether there is a scar left after the hair transplantation. At this point, to give a clear answer, the hair transplantation technique used must be known. FUT, a traditional and an old method, is performed by taking the hair grafts in bands. This causes a scar left in the neck area. This scar is generally formed on the location where Jamie Foxx had the tattoo. However, in newer techniques such as DHI and FUE methods, grafts are collected one by one. Therefore, it is not possible to have any scars. There may be very small rashes during the procedure, but these will disappear permanently after a while.

The Change in Jamie Foxx’s Hair



If Jamie Foxx had preferred the FUT technique, then there was a scar left on the back of his head. This scar can be covered by a tattoo. As the new methods were not very common when he possibly had the hair transplantation, he might have preferred the FUT technique. Considering all these, though they are only assumptions, it can be said that the famous name had the hair transplantation.


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