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Being one of the most popular names in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston has been imprinted on the memories with her glorious career and so to say flawless appearance. Have you ever thought that there are a few aesthetic procedures behind that appearance of her who has idiosyncratic beauty? This may be surprising for you but Jennifer Aniston has aesthetic operations to thank for at least some part of her beauty. In our article, you can find detailed information about if Jennifer Aniston had aesthetic surgery or not.


Jennifer Aniston And Her Career 

Although she is 51 years old, Jennifer Aniston still looks perfect and her career is full of success stories. It is so amazing for her to be able to look like she was in famous sitcom TV series Friends, where she became a shining star. After playing in many TV series, she started to show up in movies and she drawn attention in the movies “Just Go With It”, “He Is Just Not That Into You” and “Along Came Polly”. In this period, she won different awards like Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild and proved her talent to the world.

Jennifer Aniston had 2 marriages and both ended up with divorce. During the divorcing phase with her old husbands Justin and Brad were extremely stressful for her. In spite of this hard times, she still looks gorgeous and this situation brings questions about the possibility of aesthetic applications in the past. Well, are these rumors correct? Let’s look for the answer together.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Plastic Surgery Operations

Jennifer Aniston sometimes responded to the rumors of her having plastic surgery history and sometimes she left questions unanswered. She stated that, behind his beauty, diet and exercising exist. However, some way, she accepted that she had plastic surgery. For aesthetic procedures she didn’t state or stayed silent, experts’ opinions were predicated on. We want to express that some information at this point is just a compilation of expert opinions. Now, let’s have a closer look at Jennifer Aniston’s possible aesthetic procedures.


Face Lifting

Jennifer Aniston is one of the famous people who draw attention with face beauty. Expressing the things she did to preserve her facial beauty openly, Jennifer Aniston stated that she regularly exercises and her nutrition is regular and balanced. When her face is examined closely, it is clear that her face is not flawless in spite of her gorgeous beauty. There are wrinkles around her forehead, her eyes and her smiling lines. This can be considered as a sign of not having aesthetic surgery.

Jennifer Aniston expresses that she receives regular facial care. She stated that he had Thermage, Laser and Ultherapy. In the same statements, she shared that she received no foreign matter injected into her facial area. Additionally, she criticized pressure of not being aged in Hollywood.

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Breast Augmentation

Being one of the most popular procedures among celebrities, breast augmentation is another topic of rumor about Jennifer Aniston. After this procedure, breast size and shape changes significantly. When her photographs are examined, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that there is no significant change in her breasts. She also didn’t accept such claims and emphasized that her breasts are natural.



During an interview with People Magazine in 2007, she stated that she had rhinoplasty but this was all because of medical reasons. She told that she was having difficulty while breathing due to nasal septum deviation, she had surgery to fix this problem and after the operation, her sleep quality increased. However, when old and new photos of Jennifer Aniston are compared, significant change in her nose can be seen. There is a significant thinning in her nasal bridge after the surgery.

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Lip Augmentation

Being one of the procedures that is preferred by women and especially by famous women, lip augmentation changes the way women look. There are some rumors about Jennifer Aniston as she had lip augmentation. When such claims are reviewed thoroughly, it can be seen that they are just groundless. Because, the famous star has lips that are not thick and not augmented. For years, she had zero change in her lips.


Chin Implant

Chin implant is one of the most preferred procedures in today’s world. According to some experts, chin implant procedure is more popular than breast procedures. Many famous people have cartilage added into their chins just to balance their face ratio. There are some rumors that Jennifer Aniston got such a procedure as well. Yet, when her chin is examined from past to present, it can be seen that it still has that natural look. According to many experts, she has no aesthetic procedure concerning her chin.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Suggestions Except Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Aniston expresses that she ensures her beauty with non-surgical methods. Anniston suggests massage, skin tightening with laser treatment and LED light treatment. Yet, she says that the most important things are nutrition and exercising. By drinking plenty of water and sleep regularly, you can also preserve your beauty for years. Aniston is the best example at this point.


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