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Hair transplant is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. Needles used to apply local anesthesia may be frightening for some people. Some people even may faint or react differently when they see a needle. Cosmeticium has started applying needle-free hair transplant for hair transplant candidates who are over-reactive against a needle. Well, how is needle-free hair transplant applied? What are the advantages like painless anesthesia? All are in our article.


Hair Transplant Anesthesia with Needle-Free Method

Hair transplant is the only method that provides efficient and permanent solution for baldness. Yet, some people who want to get hair transplant done may experience fear due to needles used during anesthesia stage. Therefore, they can’t make the final decision. For such people, needle-free hair transplant method has been developed.

In this method, a special injection device is used. Looking like a pencil and functions like a piston, this device penetrates just 0,15mm through scalp and then releases anesthesia chemical. This process takes short time and no scar occurs on scalp.


Advantages of Needle-Free Hair Transplant Method

Needle-free hair transplant is one of the most recent methods and it is very effective. There are some important advantages of this method. Some of them can be listed as below:

Painless and Needle-Free Hair Transplant at Cosmeticium

  • It is a simple, fast and reliable method.
  • No part of the procedure contains needle use.
  • Anesthetic solution is more effective and takes effect fast.
  • It can be applied through any head part.
  • It is injected just 0,15mm below scalp surface with high pressure.
  • Being applied as needle-free, this method is patented and certified.


How Is Needle-Free Anesthesia Method Applied?

Idea of syringe and needle is frightening for many people. Cosmeticium is aware of this fact and therefore, it has launched needle-free hair transplant method. The fundamental thing here is to inject local anesthetic material subcutaneously without any needle. This way, patients see no syringe or needle during anesthesia stage and they can overcome their fear of needle easily.

Being like a pencil, the piston-like device has approximately 0,15mm-long tip. Before the tip, there is 0,5ml of anesthetic solution. When the trigger located in the upper section of the device is pushed, the solution inside is injected into scalp with high pressure.

With spring located inside the device, procedure is painless. The procedure just take a few seconds and consequently, you feel much less discomfort. This way, effects seen in the first week after hair transplant will be duller.


Effect Duration

Every person has a unique body structure. When it is about duration of effect of drugs and local anesthetics, it is possible to experience differences from person to person. Accordingly, effect duration may not be the same for everyone. Rarely, it is possible for the effect to weaken during the procedure. In this case, surgery staff should be notified. The same local anesthesia procedure is applied once again and flawless operation can continue. So, you should not worry about effect duration at all.


Obtain the Best Result with Our Advanced Anesthesia Method

With this newly developed technology, local anesthesia can be applied without a needle. Related anesthetic material is injected under scalp with a special device and it is ensured that you experience no pain during hair transplant. Needle-free hair transplant is very suitable especially for people with fear of needle.

Another important aspect of needle-free hair transplant method is the fact that it doesn’t harm scalp. Tissue is not harmed and the risk of infection due to needle use is minimized. Additionally, it also makes it possible to adjust anesthetic drug amount based on a patient. In needle-free hair transplant method, effect of anesthesia occurs faster and therefore, it takes shorter time to start hair transplant. For people thinking about getting hair transplant done in Turkey, Cosmeticium is an experienced clinic that use state-of-art technologies and that can provide highly successful results.



With this method applied by Cosmeticium for a long time, painless and needle-free hair transplant has become possible. You can consult our experienced and expert doctors about any question in your mind regarding needle-free hair transplant.

Dr. Caglar and Dr. Batu - Cosmeticium


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