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The most effective solution against hair thinning and baldness is hair transplant. With hair transplant, you can restore your hair and your old appearance. Yet, at this point, one question may pop up in your mind. Is permanence of hair transplant limited? For how long does permanence continue and on which factors does it depend? Can transplanted hair be lost again? All details are in our article.


For How Long Does Permanence of Hair Transplant Continue?

Techniques used for hair transplant are continuously improved and new ones are also implemented. With these improvements and new techniques that are developed, the main target is to increase the success rate of a hair transplant procedure. Well, how much all these studies and researches became successful?

Depending on technique used and different factors, permanence duration of hair loss can be expressed as tens of years. It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that hair transplant is a kind of treatment that meets people’s expectations for years. In some way, we can also say that it is a life time thing but for that, some factors must be considered.


Which Factors Matter for Long Term Results?

Permanence of hair transplant vary depending on many factors. However, the most important ones can be listed as below:


1. Hair Transplant Technique

There is a direct relationship between the technique used in hair transplant and the permanence of this procedure. Today, FUE hair transplant technique is commonly used. In this technique, grafts are obtained from donor area. Then, these grafts are planted into the channels opened in bald area.

Although FUE technique has high level of success rate and permanence, new techniques have also been developed recently. Some of them are below:

There is a direct relationship between these techniques and permanence of hair transplant. The more preferred technique is suitable for a patient, the more permanent it will be. To sum up, FUE and DHI are the most permanent techniques.


2. Age and Health

Overall health status and age of a patient who want to receive hair transplant are directly linked with the permanence. If a candidate has good health, recovery period will be shorter and permanence will continue for a longer time.

When you prefer a surgeon who is expert in hair transplant field, he/she will ask you questions about your overall health status before hair transplantation. In order to understand your health status completely, he/she may also request blood tests or other tests. Depending on the results of these tests, you can clearly learn if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant or learn about permanence of hair transplant.

As overall health status, age is also an important factor at this point. The younger a candidate is, the higher success rate there will be for this procedure. If a candidate is old, success rate decreases. Therefore, most clinics do not provide hair transplant service for people older than 70.

For How Long Does Permanence of Hair Transplant Continue?


3. Surgeon’s Expertise and Experience

For permanence of hair transplant, one of the most important factors is, for sure, expertise and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. The more experienced your doctor is, the higher success rate there will be. At this point, you can ask your surgeon how frequently he/she performs hair transplant operation. Besides, you can also have a look at his/her certificates and before-after photos of his/her previous patients.

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4. Donor Area

Donor area used in hair transplant is another factor for permanence. Hair located on back of the neck is durable against DHT hormone that is acknowledged as the reason behind male type baldness. If grafts are obtained from there during hair transplant, your hair will be more permanent.

Depending on hair loss type, it may not be always possible to find sufficient amount of grafts on back of the neck. ın such cases, it may be possible to obtain grafts from different parts of body. Therefore, it is an obvious situation that donor area selection affects permanence.


5. Process After Hair Transplant

Process after hair transplant largely affects the success rate. At this point, you must act according to your doctor’s instructions and not violate them. Things to pay attention after hair transplant operation are generally as below:

  • Even there is excessive itching on scalp, that are must not be scratched.
  • In the first days, neck pillows should be used while sleeping.
  • Attention should be paid to daily water consumption.
  • Hair must be washed as instructed and with the shampoo suggested by your doctor.
  • No alcoholic beverage or cigarette should be consumed.
  • In the first 4 weeks, scalp must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • In the first 1 month, swimming is allowed.


By following these instructions and other instructions by your doctor, you can increase the success rate and permanence of this operation considerably.

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Can Planted Hair Be Lost Again?

2 weeks after hair transplant, some hair may be lost. This situation is named as shock hair loss and actually expected – after that, hair goes into resting phase. Resting phase takes around 3 months. After this period, hair starts growing again. The time required for hair to be restored may vary from person to person. But, on average, it can be said that in 3-6 months after hair transplant, hair starts growing again.

If back of the neck is the preferred area as donor area, permanence of planted hair is ensured significantly. But, if grafts are obtained from different parts of body, hair loss may be possible again depending on those grafts’ sensitivity against DHT hormone.


Ensure That You Have The Procedure Done by Experienced Doctors for Hair Transplant Permanence

For permanent hair transplant, surgeon who performs the procedure must have high level or experience and expertise. Therefore, before choosing a surgeon for hair transplant, you must run a detailed research.

Today, there are many clinics that offer hair transplant. Yet, for some of them, medical competency level may not be as high as expected. Furthermore, in such clinics, experience and expertise of surgeons about hair transplant are too low that it can be considered as none. In case such a clinic is selected, the result will inevitably be a big disappointment.

Dr. Caglar and Dr. Batu - Cosmeticium

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There are some factors that affect if hair transplant is permanent or not. With these considered and an expert surgeon is selected, hair transplant will be permanent. This way, a person who received hair transplant will have natural looking hair again and will benefit from other advantages of having his/her hair back.

As Cosmeticium, we take care of hair transplant permanence for every patient. For that, we use the most recent techniques with the highest success rates. Our surgeons, whose expertise and experience levels are high, will meet your expectations. The most important sign for all these is the high patient satisfaction. In order to obtain more information on this subject and benefit from our free consultancy services, you can contact us by filling in the form below.


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