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One of the centers where you can prefer to have hair transplantation is Istanbul. Every year, tens of thousands of people come to this city, located in the middle of the Middle East and Europe, for hair transplantation. When viewed from the outside, it may be thought that its geographical location is the main reason for Istanbul to be preferred. It is a great advantage to arrive here by air from almost anywhere in the world. But the main reason why Istanbul is preferred is not only its geographical location.

Turkey is more advanced than the EU and many other countries in the world in the medical tourism industry. Every year, about 500,000 tourists come to Turkey for health tourism. The amount spent by these tourists is more than 1 billion dollars. Among the mentioned figures, the rate of hair transplantation is considerably high. So why do people choose Istanbul for hair transplantation? You can get the answer of this question in detail in our article.


1. International Awareness

Hair transplantation is a serious treatment and requires care. There are significant difficulties in having such an important treatment in a different country such as traveling to that country, setting a hotel for accommodation, finding restaurants with good food. In short, you need to make serious planning to have hair transplantation abroad. But when you choose Istanbul, the situation is different.

The fact that tens of thousands of people come to İstanbul for hair transplantation every year has increased the quality of the services here. The clinics in İstanbul do all the planning for you.

Such issues as;

  • How you will be picked up at the airport,
  • In which hotel you will stay,
  • How to get from the airport to the hotel are set by the clinics.

The fact that the clinics are experienced in this matter will the risk of experiencing any problems. Also, important issues about the planning are shared with you. Various arrangements can also be made according to your wishes.

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2. High-Quality Health Service

There is a belief that the services provided at low prices are poorer in quality. But nowadays it has been repeatedly proved that this belief is not true. Hair transplantation in İstanbul is one of the best examples of this. At this point, you may have different doubts in mind. You can ask how you will know that the clinics in which hair transplantation is done in Istanbul really provide quality service. At this point, Joint Commission International accreditation is decisive. Did you know that Turkey is the country with the most accreditation after the United States?

Thanks to support given by the government in health tourism, the quality of hair transplantation clinics in Turkey has been significantly improved. The high success rate has been achieved by modernizing medical devices. All of the equipment used in the clinics is high-tech. In addition, the techniques preferred for hair transplantation are also recently developed and provide high success. The level of expertise and experience of the doctors who apply them is very high. These advantages ensure a good quality of hair transplantation.


3. Reasonable Price

Hair transplantation can be described as an expensive treatment in general. However, it can be said that hair transplantation in Istanbul is quite affordable when compared to the world average. Although the numbers change according to the number of grafts, it is possible to have hair transplantation in the UK and this costs 9,500£ while you pay 2,000£ for it in Istanbul. (These are the average figures and may differ depending on the person’s condition).

Services such as accommodation, transfer and transportation are also included in the costs requested by the clinics in Istanbul. So you will not pay anything extra for these procedures. Considering this situation, it can be said that the price of hair transplantation is much more affordable.

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4. Hair Transplantation without Waiting

There are a limited number of hair transplantation centers in most EU countries. This situation causes those who want to have a hair transplant wait long lines. There are many clinics in Istanbul. Thus, you can have hair transplantation almost without waiting. Thanks to this situation, you can make your other planning more easily.


5. Mini Vacation

Turkey is one of the world’s most exclusive spot in terms of its location and history. When you come here for hair transplantation, you can enjoy this place and have a mini vacation. In Istanbul, you can get to know different cultures more closely and see natural and historical beauties more closely. This visit will be a unique experience for you. You can take a stroll in the Bosphorus, visit Hagia Sophia, eat fish bread and spend time in places that appeal to your tastes.

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6. Quick Recovery

There are different techniques applied in hair transplantation. Their recovery period varies, and it is possible for those who have had hair transplantation to participate in daily life after this process. Hair transplantation techniques applied in Istanbul are very developed. These techniques make it possible to achieve both high success rates. It also provides a shorter recovery time. If you have hair transplantation in Istanbul, you can return to your work and daily routines after 2 days on average. Remember that you must follow the instructions given by your doctor at this stage.


7. Free Consultation

Clinics in EU countries serving for hair transplantation charge extra fees for consultation. When you want to have hair transplantation in Istanbul, you do not need to pay for it. Moreover, you can use this service online even before you come to Istanbul. With the online consultation, you can ask what you wonder about hair transplantation and remove the doubts you have in mind. Thus, you will have the opportunity to make more accurate decisions.

It can be said that online consultation has some limitations. But it will be of utmost importance to you at the first stage. Ask what you want without hesitation here; see the photos of the hair transplants done before.

Some of the advantages of hair transplantation in İstanbul are listed above. İstanbul is rapidly progressing to become the world hair transplantation center day by day. In this particular city, you should seriously consider and evaluate the hair transplant option.

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