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Being constantly on the screens and being closely followed by the media causes footballers to pay more attention to their appearance. They are especially known to give extra importance to their hair and hairline. The slightest changes they make to their hair are immediately noticeable by fans and the media. One of them is Sadio Mane, a former Liverpool player.

It is a well-known fact that the hairline of the famous footballer who left the team after a magnificent Liverpool career has declined. However, when looking at his latest photos, it was noticed that these areas were filled and the hairline was forward. Is hair transplantation the reason for this change?

Is it just a rumor that Sadio Mane has a hair transplant or is it real? All the details along with visual evidence are in our article.

Who is Sadio Mane?

Sadio Mane is a name that football fans know closely. Mane, who is from Senegal, started his career in France and continued with Southampton and then Liverpool. He has made a huge contribution to Liverpool’s recent success. He was noted for his finishing and dribbling speed. In 2022, he was transferred to Bayern Munich, another of the biggest clubs in the world.

The famous footballer is very successful in the national team as well as in the club level. He is considered one of the best African footballers. In 2020, he reached the final of the Africa Cup of Nations.


Sadio Mane’s Hair Transplant Adventure

Some of Liverpool fans claim that there has been a significant change in the front hairline of the famous footballer. It is said that the hairline is in front of the hair line compared to the past and the reason for this situation may be hair transplantation operation.

In general, her hair has always looked a little short. The famous footballer preferred to style his hair by pushing it up. The basis of this situation is that the forehead is wide. She also wore a blonde stripe next to her hair during the styling process, creating a distinctive style.

Sadio Mane Hair Loss


However, when the last photos were examined, it was noticeable that the hair in the front area was denser. According to many fans, the reason for this situation is hair transplantation. Sadio Mane seems to have removed the baldness and sparseness in this area with hair transplantation. At least that’s what many fans believe.

Sadio Mane's Hair Transplant Adventure


When comparing the old photos with the new ones, it would not be wrong to say that there is a serious change. Formerly, the front hairline is quite far behind, and there is a baldness that almost reaches the crown area. However, in his new photos, the front hairline has come to where it should be and more balanced hair has emerged.

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Fan Twitter Comments

SadioMane hair transplantation claims are among the issues that are frequently raised on social media platforms. Supporters make these claims, especially through their posts on Twitter, or question whether the allegations are true or not.


Did He Really Have Hair Transplant?

There are rumors that the reason for the change in SadioMane’s hair is hair transplantation and that this procedure is done with the FUT technique. When we look at the change in their hair, it is estimated that between 2000 and 3000 grafts were used in this procedure. But all these rumors are not conclusive. According to some claims, hair transplantation was performed with FUE, which is a much more advanced and new technique, instead of FUT.

FUT is a technique that has been used for about 30 years. However, after the new hair transplantation methods that emerged with the developing technology, it lost its old popularity. While it was the most used technique in the past, this situation has changed today. Currently, FUE is the most widely used hair transplantation technique in the world.

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