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People’s hair is the most important mark regarding their genders. Transgender people also use their hair types effectively to reflect their genders. Male type hair loss, which occurs for people who changed gender from male to female, is one of the most important obstacles in front of desired hair appearance. Persons who changes gender from female to male experience similar problems with their hair. The best solution is hair transplantation for both to eliminate the effect of hair loss and reflect the gender completely. Hair transplantation has become one of the effective methods preferred especially in recent years. So, how is transgender hair transplantation done? What are the differences and costs of male to female and female to male hair transplantation? All details in our article.


Transgender Hair Transplantation Overview

Transgender hair transplantation is performed by considering gender change of a person. It is a procedure that consists of advanced hair transplant techniques such as FUE and DHI.

  • The focus is to create a more feminine hairline for those who have transitioned from male to female. Thanks to hair transplantation, gender dysphoria, which is associated with high foreheads and hairline, is reduced.
  • Hair is provided to look more masculine for those who transitioned from female to male. Hairline can be reconstructed according to this.

Transgender Hair Transplant


Transgender Hair Transplantation: From Male to Female

There are possible hormonal changes when the transition from male to female exists. These changes may cause negative effects of male type hair loss to disappear. Depending on the change in estrogen level, negative effects of DHT on hair may disappear.

People who transitioned from male to female may have experienced hair loss or hair thinning when they were men or their hairline might be receded. These masculine signs can be completely removed with transgender hair transplantation. Hairline is given a more feminine look. More feminine curves are created for your hair. Briefly, hair transplantation makes your hair look more feminine.


Transgender Hair Transplantation: From Woman to Man

With the transition from female to male, testosterone level may increase while estrogen level decreases. In such a case, male-type hair loss may occur. Depending on changes in hormone levels, DHT is connected to hair follicles and thus, hair is negatively affected. In the end, hair loss may occur. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for male-type hair loss. Some medications can delay the process, but after some time the result will be baldness. In such a situation, the most permanent solution will be hair transplantation.

Except for hair transplantation, similar procedures can be used for beard and mustache formation. Transplantation can also be done for non-uniform beards, mustaches and eyebrows. Thus, it emerges more masculine appearance.

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Differences Between Male and Female Hairlines

Male and female hairlines are generally different from each other. One of the main reasons why hair is a symbol of gender can be stated as hair lines. Male hairline generally tends inwards in the temporal region. Therefore, hairline is slightly more oval than women. In female hairline, this tendency is much less towards the temporal sides.


Transgender Hair Transplant Cost

There are different techniques to be used for transgender hair transplantation. Foremost among these are FUE and DHI. FUE technique is a hair transplant method which is intensively used in these days. DHI technique is the newest and most effective hair transplant method in this field. In this technique, special Choi Pen pens are used for each patient. Hair transplantation is done without opening channels, therefore success of the operation is much higher. Transgender hair transplant is usually done with one of these two techniques.

What is the cost of my procedure?

If FUE technique is preferred in hair transplantation, the average cost will be around 2.000€-3.000€ level. In DHI technique, cost is around 2.300€-3.500€. DHI hair transplant technique is relatively more expensive than FUE technique. The values given here are average and costs may differ depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. Transgender hair transplant costs start from 8.000€ in Europe and in the countries such as the USA.

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Transgender Hair Transplant in Cosmeticium

You can get your dream hair by having transgender hair transplantation at Cosmeticium. All hair transplantations are performed by surgeons who are experts and experienced in this field at our clinic. We use the most advanced techniques such as FUE and DHI for hair transplantation. Success rates of these methods, which allow you to have natural hair structure, are extremely high. You will receive much more detailed information about these techniques during the consultation phase.

VIP Transfer Cosmeticium Clinic

We invite you to our COSMETICIUM clinic to understand your current hair condition and what kind of hair transplant you need. At our clinic, you can ask our doctors all the questions you have in your mind, examine the before-after pictures and get detailed information about the subject. In addition, you can learn about net costs that will occur depending on the hair transplantation to be performed.


Right of Privacy

Transgender hair transplantation candidates benefit from these services in an accepting and compassionate environment. Hair transplants are done with great professionalism and privacy. At this point, personal information of our patients is definitely not shared with third parties and full privacy is provided. You can be sure that your information will remain confidential with us and you can have your hair transplant done with inner peace.

You Can Contact Us For More Detailed Information About Transgender Hair Transplant.