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Skin or body stretch marks can occur because of many reasons, including pregnancy and high weight changes. It would not be wrong to say that these marks that can occur in many parts of the body are usually seen in the abdominal area. Most of these marks do not cause any medical problems, but they can seriously irritate you in cosmetic terms. At this point, the tummy tuck procedure, which is the stretching of the tummy, comes to mind. What are the main causes of body stretch marks? Can the Tummy Tuck procedure eliminate them?


What Are Body Stretch Marks?

Body stretch marks are long and thin lines on the skin in colors such as red, purple, or pink. It’s as if you have drawn a line on your skin with a different color pencil. It is a condition that can be seen in men and women of almost all ages and skin colors. As stated above, they are usually with no medical harm. However, they are considered as an important problem in cosmetic terms.

Stretch marks can occur because of different reasons. Depending on the reason for the occurrence, they can sometimes be permanent and sometimes temporary. They can be diagnosed immediately with a simple physical examination.

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The Main Reasons for Body Stretch Marks

There are many different reasons for stretch marks. However, in general, excessive weight fluctuations and pregnancy can be stated as the main causes. Some chronic conditions, medications used and similar conditions also have the potential to cause stretch marks.

The reason for the formation of stretch marks is the excessive increase of substances under the skin. As a result, stretch marks appear in the upper part of the skin. It is quite annoying that a significant part of these is permanent.

Although stretch marks do not constitute a medical problem in general, sometimes the situation can be different. Although rare, stretch marks may be a symptom or a sign of a different condition. Especially if you have stretch marks on your skin even though you do not experience excessive weight gain or loss, you should consult a specialist physician.


What Happens in the Tummy Tuck Procedure?

In this procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, the main goal is to make the skin in the abdominal area tight and flat. For this, first of all, the excess fat and skin are removed. Then, adjustments are made to the muscles and tissues in the lower region. Finally, the skin is made tense and smooth and the process is completed. During the recovery period of the tummy tuck, patients can generally return to work within 2-3 weeks. After 6 weeks following the operation, there is no obstacle for them to return to their old lives.

Abdominoplasty Procedure Steps Infographic

The tummy tuck procedure has different types in itself. One of them is the mini tummy tuck, as the name suggests, it is a smaller procedure. In a mini tummy tuck, usually, the excess skin in the lower abdomen is focused. Incisions as well as the skin pieces removed are smaller. Thanks to all these, it can be said that the recovery time will be shorter.

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Is it Possible to Eliminate Body Stretch Marks with Tummy Tuck?

First of all, if you have permanent stretch marks, you have to admit that they won’t go away without treatment. So, is the Tummy Tuck procedure the treatment of stretch marks? The answer to this question differs depending on the location of the stretch marks. In the tummy tuck procedure, an incision is usually made under the belly button and the excess skin is removed from here. If the stretch marks are in this area, they are removed with the skin taken out and thus you will get rid of the stretch marks permanently.

It was stated above that the tummy tuck procedure can permanently eliminate the stretch marks under the belly button. However, the stretch marks are not always below the belly button. Sometimes they can be at different points. If the stretch marks are not in the area where the incision is formed and excess skin is removed, this procedure can’t eliminate them.

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