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Different procedures have been developed to solve the problems that women face about their breasts. First, it should be known that there is a solution for every problem. Considering the point reached by the aesthetics surgery, the success rate of these procedures is quite high. In general, it exceeds the expectations. You can have the breasts that you want thanks to breast enlargement, breast reduction and breast lifting procedures.

You should determine exactly what you need before deciding for any breast procedures. Are your breasts too small or are they too large? Perhaps, the reason why they look like this is not about their size, but it may be just because they have sagged. It is possible to duplicate this and similar questions. However, no one knows you better than you and knows exactly what you want. Therefore, first decide what you want. Then, consult a qualified surgeon and decide together which procedure you need. In this way, the outcome will make you happier and it will make sure that you have no regrets when you look back.

Which breast aesthetics do you need more? The details of breast aesthetics procedures and all you need to know.


The Most Common Applied Breast Aesthetics Operations

There are numerous numbers of aesthetic options to meet the expectations of women about their breasts. You may find below the most preferred options.


1. Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement process is the one where silicone produced from special substances containing silicone gel is placed under the breast tissue. While the size of your breasts gets larger, their general shape and lines are also re-shaped according to your wish thanks to this procedure. It is also known that many celebrities have breast enlargement procedures done.

If you think your breasts are small and have a breast enlargement operation, you also need to decide about the implant you will use. Here are the possible implant options:

  • Round Implant: As the name suggests, the shape of this implant is round. It also makes the breasts have this shape. There are some arguments about its naturality, but it is quite successful in avoiding problems like displacement or rotation. Therefore, it can be said that it is the most preferred implant type. There are also different types in itself.
  • Tear Drop Implant: If you want natural and large breasts, this is the option you should choose. It is known that this implant, which provides a completely natural appearance, has greater risk of displacement and rotation than the round implant.

Can Breast Implants Cause Lupus?

The consultation you will have with the doctor is extremely important for this procedure. In this meeting, you can actualize your expectations, decide which implant you are going to use and learn the possible risks. You need to ask all the questions you have about breast enlargement.  You will also be asked by the doctor to fulfil some requests.


How is Breast Enlargement Operation Done?

The steps for breast enlargement, which is quite common nowadays, are as follows:

Anesthesia: The procedure is generally done under either local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. However, general anesthesia may also be preferred depending on the patient’s condition.

The Incision: There are different incision options depending on the procedure to be done. These are as follows:

  • Periareolar incision: It is applied right below the brown ring.
  • Inframammary incision: It is applied below the breast.
  • Transaxillary incision: It is applied from the armpit area.

Implant Placement: There are also two different options. In the first one, the implant is placed either behind or in front of the breast whereas in the second one, it is placed at a suitable point below the breast.

Final Stage: At this stage, the incisions are closed with stitches and bandages and thus the procedure is completed.


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2. Bread Reduction

This procedure is also known as mammoplasty where tissue, fat and skin cells are removed from the breast. This procedure may be done to eliminate different health issues as well as for aesthetic concerns. Having large breasts may cause problems like neck ache, back ache, bra strap scars and rashes under the breast. Breast reduction procedure may be used to eliminate these.

There are different options for breast reduction. You can choose the appropriate one after consulting with your doctor. These options are:

Anchor Breast Reduction: In this procedure, the incision starts from the top of the breast and after going straight down, it proceeds to both sides. So, the incision looks like an anchor. After removing fat, skin and tissue cells from the lower parts of the breast, the areola is placed at a higher position and the procedure is completed by closing the incisions.

Vertical Breast Reduction: This method has been developed recently and it is suitable for moderately large breasts. A vertical downward incision is opened, and the breasts are brought to desired size by removing fat and tissue cells from this incision.

Scarless Breast Reduction: This procedure may be defined as just removing fat tissue. Small incisions are opened for liposuction and excess fat is removed with the help of cannulas placed.

It is up to the doctor which procedure to apply, depending on the patient’s condition. This issue is clarified during the consultation stage. The recovery period varies for each patient, but in general it is 2-3 weeks.


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3. Breast Lifting

This procedure can be defined as eliminating the sagging of the breasts caused by reasons like breastfeeding, gravity, pregnancy, and aging. In this procedure, apart from removing the excess tissue, excess skin is also removed. So, the breasts are more upright with or without the bras.

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy) Surgery

There are different options in the application of breast lifting procedure. To decide these, you should consult with your doctor and convey your full expectations. Your doctor will decide the most appropriate one considering your general condition and expectations. The applied procedure options are as follows:

Vertical (Lollipop)Technique: In this technique, after forming an incision around the brown (areola) area, it is descended vertically down. The formed incision looks like a lollipop, that’s why this procedure is given this name. In this procedure, flaccid tissues are removed, and the areola is repositioned. Implant may also be used in this technique. It can be said that this is the most preferred procedure.

Reverse T (Anchor) Technique: After going vertically down the areola, an incision is formed as a reverse T. Excess tissue is removed and areola is repositioned.

Periareolar (Donut) Technique: This is more preferred as it leaves less marks.

The success of breast lifting procedure is high, but after the process, women may think their breasts are smaller. The reason is that the sagged breast seems to be larger than normal. If there are such concerns at this point, breast enlargement procedure may be combined with this procedure.

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