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Beard transplant before and after, Almost every man has a dream to grow a full beard but actually not every of these can make it happen. This is the reason why beard transplant services came into this picture. It is because the procedure of a beard transplant can do what your genes and other factors are not allowing you to do. Even if you were born without the genes to grow beard completely, then you can reassure the fact that you are born at the right time to fix that. Thanks to a healthy vanity’s pinch and science you can get the benefit from a beard transplant which can result in fuller beard with ease.

Beard Transplant Before and After

Beard transplant has come a long way. Professional facilities of beard and hair transplant are kept improving with the innovation in technology. However, still, there are a lot of people who need to understand the fact that is a beard transplant for them or not. So, here we have brought a complete detailed post regarding before and after beard transplant details which will surely let you understand the things clearly.

What is Beard Transplant?

Let’s have a look at what actually the process of beard transplant is and how it can do wonder to you with ease.

A beard transplant is a wonderful process that can help you to thicken up your facial hair in a more amazing way. You may have heard about hair transplants which can help you to get more hair on your scalp. While beard transplantation is meant to improve the thickness of your facial hair. This technique usually comes up with the process of removing hair from the back of your scalp where the hair is thick. However, later these will be implanted in the bald patches of your beard. Once you have to get done with the process of a beard transplant, the hair in the beard will start to grow. However, a beard transplant is a straightforward procedure that comes with minimal downtime.

Who Is It for?

If you have a patchy beard, then there is no need to be worried about this because you are not alone who is facing this. Too many men are going through this problem. It is because many of the men who were dealing with problems while growing beards decided to go for a beard transplant. However, if you are here to understand the fact that who is a beard transplant for then you must have a look at the following details in this regard. These points will surely help you in understanding who is it effective for.

  • People who are having a patchy, fine stranded and patchy beard can consider a beard transplant.
  • Men who are suffering from a beard shedding problem.
  • Men who are born as beardless genetically.
  • The ones who want to go with a more masculine look.
  • People who want to grow a beard in a specific area to hide burn scars, acne scars or any other scars with ease.
  • Those who have turned into a man with surgery and want to grow a full beard with ease.
  • People who want to get the desired shape of their beard or want to trim as per their wish can also get help from the process of beard transplant with ease.

Procedure Steps

Beard transplant is a surgical process that will be performed by using local or general anesthesia as per need of the time just in case of hair transplantation. However, when it comes to choosing the method for beard transplantation then FUE is always a highly preferred option to go with.

beard transplant before and after

FUE generally stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In this process of transplantation, own hair follicles of the person will be collected from a donor spot. In the process of beard transplantation, the donor area is more commonly behind the ears and head. Even if the donor spot of the patient does not contain enough hair then the hair follicles can also be collected from other parts of the body of the patient with ease. However, once the hair has taken from the donor spot then micro-holes will be created in the recipient spot to implant collected hair here. After this surgery patient will not feel any serious pain. Even more, there will be no scar or patch on the face of the patient because of micro holes or canals.

Possible Risks

When it comes to undertaking the risks associated with the process of beard transplant then you must understand the fact that there are no severe risks. Even the risks are quite minimal which you may experience with a beard transplant.

Usually, the type of anesthesia which will be used in this surgery depends on the duration of the surgery. More commonly, the duration of treatment lies between 6 to 8 hours as per the number of grafts to be implanted.

However, the patient may experience mild bleeding which can be because of creating micro holes in your skin. While you may also suffer from some pain or infection. Even, swelling and redness in the donor and recipient area can also be suffered. But all of these symptoms can be treated with ease. More commonly surgeons prescribe an antibiotic or a pain killer to their patients. So that they can easily get rid of these mild side effects of beard transplant.

Why Do More Men Prefer a Beard Transplant?

More and more men who are unable to grow full beards naturally are considering beard transplants. Men are spending huge money to fill their patchy beards through a beard transplant. There are many reasons why people want to go with the beard transplantation surgery. However, the following are some of the most common ones which you must consider in this regard:

  • When it comes to a beard transplant then it is not only about getting a full beard look, but it can also let men get their dream beard look. This is the reason why more and more men want to do a beard transplant.
  • A bearded man is always more attractive. Even, beards imply strength and intelligence. More and more men want to get a beard look to get more attention from everyone and to get a more handsome look in the best possible way.
  • Beards usually exude more confidence. Whether it is about feeling of masculinity or more attention from others, men with beards usually have it all. It is because perfectly grown beards usually imply that a man is more secure in his grooming skills and this will ultimately give their confidence a fine boost.
  • Beard transplants come with little pain and side effects as compared to their alternatives. This is one of the most important reasons why men usually prefer to do a beard transplant.

Beard Hair Before and After

Although the concept of beard transplant is still growing but the overall results of this process have been quite good. The success rate of the process of beard transplant is about 90 to 95% which is making it more amazing to choose. Beard transplant has the ability to give an amazing new look and you will surely be amazed by the results of this surgery process. It is because this can easily let you enjoy a full-grown beard look at its best.


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