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In the early 2000s, Mel Gibson’s thinning of his hair was noticeable to everyone. In later periods, it was stated that the reason for the change in hair was hair transplantation. The fact that their hair looks healthier and lusher than before is one of the most important signs that hair transplantation is done. Mel Gibson hair transplant seems to be an undeniable fact with its excellent results.

What kind of hair loss did Mel Gibson experience? Is the hair transplant adventure real? All this and more are in our article.

Who is Mel Gibson?

The famous name whose real name is Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson was born on January 3, 1965 in New York. Australian & American name; producer, actor and also director. Lethal Weapon and Mad Max attracted a lot of attention with their films. However, he gained much of his popularity with the film Braveheart, which he produced and starred in. With this film, he received many awards such as Oscars and Golden Globes.

Moving to Australia for different reasons and enrolling in a drama school there was the most important turning point in his career. Mel Gibson, who is a great actor with the trainings he has received, has a worldwide recognition and popularity.

What Kind of Hair Loss Has She Experienced?

Behind the hair loss that occurs in Mel Gibson is male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia. The most important cause of hair loss in the world is male pattern baldness. The effects of this type of hair loss become more pronounced with age.

The most important sign of this problem is that the hairline is going backwards. Thinning of the hair and openings in the temple area accompany it. When left untreated, hair loss is also seen in the crown area and a significant part of the hair can be lost permanently.

Mel Gibson hair transplant

Although Gibson did not completely go bald, it was a fact that he began to lose his hair. Hiding hair loss with its different styles was very difficult for a name that was constantly in front of the media.

The increase of male pattern baldness with age was similarly seen in Gibson. However, by 2006, it was noticed that her hair was fuller than in previous times.


His Hair Transplantation Adventure

Mel Gibson, one of the most important names in Hollywood, has preferred hair transplantation treatment in his fight against hair loss. Mel Gibson hair transplantation has brought the problem to a permanent end for him.

Hair loss can be seen due to different causes. With age, it usually appears after the age of 40. However, sometimes it can start even in the 16-30 age range. Hair loss due to male pattern baldness is much more common than it is thought in the specified age range.

The baldness and dilution due to the hair loss he experienced seriously disturbed Mel Gibson. That’s why he decided to have a hair transplant. The famous name, which does not have very large bald areas, has preferred light hair transplantation.

With light hair transplantation, the gaps in the forehead are closed and it is aimed to make the hair look a little denser. Gibson, who did not have a very wide forehead, did not look bald despite his hair loss.

Wanting a natural result, Gibson didn’t go beyond the original hairline. After hair transplantation, it gained a natural appearance. Afterwards, the name, which attaches special importance to hair care, continued to impress its fans with its healthy hair.


Mel Gibson Before & After

Mel Gibson hair transplantation is clearly noticed when the before and after photos are examined. However, it can be understood from these photographs that the famous name does not prefer an intensive hair transplant. By reviewing the photos below, you too can notice the change he is experiencing.

Mel Gibson Hair Transplant

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Why Did He Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is a problem that many people experience today. The most important treatment option in the minds of those who have this problem is hair transplantation. However, the concern about whether the appearance that will occur after hair transplantation will be natural causes some to hesitate from this treatment.

Hair transplantation is one of the procedures that are widely performed today. When done by a specialist doctor, it gives excellent and natural results. This is one of the important reasons why Mel Gibson has a hair transplant.

Mel Gibson was starting to look older than he was because of his hair loss. This situation affected him negatively in different ways. To get rid of these negativities, the famous name has hair transplantation.

In hair transplantation, the most important point is the decision stage. Thanks to the experiences and comments of people who have had this procedure before, the result can be reached at the decision stage. Those who want to look younger and healthier can enjoy the benefits of this procedure.


When Did He Decide to Have a Hair Transplant?

Mel Gibson has a huge fan base and is constantly closely watched. When thinning and shedding of her hair occurred due to her advanced age, she decided to have a hair transplant to protect her appearance.

Gibson, who aims to achieve a natural appearance as a result of hair transplantation, therefore preferred not to cross the natural hairline during the procedure. He also planted to make the sparse areas dense. Thus, he had a natural, young and charismatic appearance.

Hair care after hair transplantation is of great importance. When we look at the results of Mel Gibson hair transplantation, it can be easily stated that he pays special attention to his hair.

Mel Gibson Hair Transplant

What kind of hair transplant did she have?

Since Mel Gibson hair transplantation has not been officially announced, we do not know what kind of method is used. However, looking at the change in his hair, experts agree that he had a hair transplant. Another sure thing is that the FUE technique is used.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method

In the FUE technique, grafts taken from the side and nape area are transplanted one by one to the balding area. This procedure is usually performed on men and women who experience male pattern baldness. However, it can also be applied for hair transplantation due to different reasons.

FUE is one of the safest and most popular methods available today. After the procedure, it does not cause scars in the balding area and donor area. The success rate is quite high.

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After Hair Transplantation

Appearance is very important for people. When it comes to famous names, this importance increases even more. This is one of the reasons why famous names prefer hair transplantation intensively. Mel Gibson has completely recovered from the negative effects of hair loss by making such a choice. You can examine the appearance of the famous name after hair transplantation from the photos below.

Mel Gibson After Hair Transplant

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Mel Gibson Hair Transplant

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