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Women’s breasts may sag over time due to their own body structure or external factors. This makes most women uncomfortable. Breast lift surgery is performed to get rid of sagging breasts. With this surgery, you can get rid of sagging breasts and you can have upright breasts you have always dreamed of. Some people believe that breast lifting surgery also reduces the sizes of the breasts. Well, does it really do that?

Does breast lifting also reduce the size of the breasts? How will your breasts look after the operation? Are breast reduction and breast lifting the same surgery? Or is there a different operation for breast reduction? You can find answers to these and similar questions later in this article.

Women who want to have breast lifting surgery face different questions in the decision process and some of these questions affect their decisions. The question of whether breast lifting surgery reduces the size of breasts is one of them. Because of this, women want to know how the surgery will affect the size of the breasts.


Is Breast Lifting and Breast Reduction the Same?

Breast lifting is a procedure developed for women who are disturbed by the sagging appearance of their breasts. Women’s breasts may lose their natural appearance due to aging, gravity, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and may look saggy. Correcting this condition is only possible through a surgical procedure. Breast lifting is a procedure in which the nipples are positioned higher by removing excess skin. It is also known as Mastopexy.

The general description of breast lifting is given above. This procedure is not the same procedure as breast reduction, but separate procedures. The procedure for breast reduction is different and there is no connection between these two. In the operation for breast lifting, there is nothing performed for reducing the size of the breast. Therefore, it should be known that breast reduction and lifting procedures are completely different.

The skins removed during the breast lifting are the ones that cause sagging and that are more than necessary. The removal of these is not a breast reduction. Removal of excess skin allows the breast to regain its natural appearance. In the breast reduction procedure, direct reduction operations are performed. These are the removal of the mammary gland tissue and a portion of the adipose tissue therein. Thus, the desired level of breast reduction can be achieved.


Things to Know About Breast Lifting

When you decide on the breast lifting operation, you will wonder about the details of this procedure. First of all, though it is a simple procedure, remember that this is a surgical operation. Surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and lasts between 1.5 and 3 hours. It is easy to recover after surgery, but you will have to wait a while before returning to your normal life. It is very important that you rest during this time.

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy) Surgery

In the operation, the excess skin from the lower part of your breasts is removed. You may need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days after surgery. It is forbidden to lean and stand up in the first days after the operation and you should pay attention to this. After the first 2 weeks, you can return to your daily life and exercise provided that you do it at a light level.

You will not be able to see the exact results immediately after breast lifting. Because edema and swelling caused by surgery prevent you from seeing the actual condition of your breasts. Never forget that you may have to wait a few weeks for full results.


Breast Lifting Surgery Has No Effect on Breast Reduction!

People who look at their breasts before surgery may think that their breasts have reduced a little after surgery. Because the sagging breasts occupy more space. Because they are sagging, they spread more towards the lower side, which makes people think that the breast is larger. In fact, this is exactly the image that women feel uncomfortable with. This is corrected after lifting procedure and the sagging of the breasts downwards is completely treated. When the sagging condition of the breasts is completely removed, it is thought that the breast appears smaller, but this is not true.

It should be known that breast lifting will not cause a reduction in size but that the lifted breasts will take up less space than before. With the elimination of sagging up to the umbilical area, a tidier appearance will emerge. This is certainly not the result of a reduction procedure. A portion of the mammary gland or adipose tissue is not removed during the procedure. The only skin removed is the excess skin that causes sagging.

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Which Operations Can Be Performed at the Same Time as Breast Lifting?

Women who have a larger breast than normal can also request a reduction procedure along with a lifting procedure. This can be done in the same operation. Both the excess skin is removed, and the appropriate amount is removed from the mammary gland and adipose tissue. Thus, the breasts are lifted and reduced to the desired size level.

If you think your breasts have reduced according to the result of the lifting, you can request a breast augmentation surgery. This is achieved by placing an implant. This makes it possible to have breasts that are both better lifted and larger in size.

If you request extra breast augmentation or reduction, both the duration of the surgery and the recovery time may be slightly longer. The prolongation of the operation does not affect you much, but you should be very careful in the recovery process. It is extremely important that you strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations and act on his advice. During this period, you should use the prescribed medications regularly. If you follow the advice of your doctor, other procedures can easily be performed as well as breast lifting operation.

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