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Hair loss due to different reasons may affect people’s overall appearance. Permanent solution against such problems is, as you may guess, hair transplant. However, taking a decision about hair transplant may not be easy for everyone. Some people postpone this decision due to fear of hair transplant and in the end, they just give up. Well, how reasonable is this fear?

What are the fundamental reasons behind fear of hair transplant? We share how you can get rid of this fear right now with you.


Fundamental Reasons of Hair Transplant Fear

There are different reasons behind hair transplant fear. These may differ from person to person. Yet, in general, reasons behind this fear can be listed as below:

Hair Transplant Fear


  • Fear of Shaving

In some methods used for hair transplant, hair must be shortened before the application. In other words, shaving may be necessary. Patients may not want to be seen like that even for a short time. If you experience fear due to this, we have a good news for you: DHI method. In hair transplant done with this method that has been developed recently, you don’t have to shave. That means, you can have hair transplant done without shortening your hair.


  • High Cost

Although hair transplant is an effective and permanent solution against baldness, it is an expensive application in the world. But, at this point, you should know that you still have a solution. You can get hair transplant done in countries that have developed health tourism, like Turkey, with almost 70% cheaper prices. Tens of thousands of people who prefer Turkey for hair transplant can be the only reason required for you to evaluate this option.

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  • Fear of Anesthesia Needle

If you are afraid of anesthesia injections, you can benefit from needle-free anesthesia options. As the name suggests, there is no needle application in these options. You feel no pain on your scalp after this application. If it turns out that it is not sufficient, you can notify your surgeon so that he/she can increase the anesthetic amount.


  • Concerns Regarding Procedure Success

Are your concerns regarding procedure success the reason behind your fear? If so, we want to state that there is a solution for that as well. Success of hair transplant procedure may vary depending on your hair structure, reason behind your hair loss and the amount of hair remains. However, thanks to the methods like FUE and DHI that are applied today, success rate of hair transplant can reach up to 95%.

Effects like redness that occur after hair transplant are also temporary. After some time, such affects go away. Additionally, thanks to FUE and DHI techniques again, recovery period is considerably shorter.


  • Swelling and Limitations Occur After Hair Transplant

There may be swelling on scalp after hair transplant. It just goes away on its own after some time. You will overcome this situation without a problem with support of prescribed pain killers, neck pillow and headband. After the first week, you can return to your daily life, staying away from risks, without tiring yourself.

Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant


Not Getting Hair Transplant Done May Cause Other Fears!

Going without such an effective solution due to hair transplant fear may cause different fears through your life. It is a well-known fact that decrease in self-confidence occurs for people having different appearance in time due to hair loss. Decreasing self-confidence and other problems may trigger different fears. At the end, your fear of hair transplant will cause different fears to emerge and this will decrease your life quality.

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How Can You Conquer Hair Transplant Fear?

You can conquer your fear by researching techniques applied today and obtaining comprehensive information about this fear. At Cosmeticium, we pay attention to concerned patients’ situations and necessary steps are taken to relieve them so that they can feel comfortable. In the end, even thinking about the positive outcomes of hair transplant will relieve your fear.

Dr. Caglar and Dr. Batu - Cosmeticium

Cosmeticium offers FREE online consultation for patients with hair transplant fear. During this consultation session, all your questions are answered and detailed information is shared with you. On top of that, this information is provided to you by expert surgeons. This way, you can benefit from this crucial advantage before you conquer your fear and step in for a new life.


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