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Hair transplantation is a surgical method preferred by people who are uncomfortable with baldness or hair problems. How much our hair changes our physical appearance is an undisputed issue. But as the physical appearance changes, we feel also psychologically comfortable and our confidence increases. Therefore, it should never be seen as unnecessary or insignificant operation. Of course, when you make such a decision, you should definitely choose an expert and professional hair transplantation center. There are some important points to be considered before and after the operation. You will find out the answers of what to do before hair transplantation, important stages of hair transplantation, and the possibility of hair transplantation in the summer continuation of this writing.


What Is Required Before Hair Transplantation?

First you should pay attention to the date of the hair transplantation process. It is better if you have time to relax for 2 – 3 days after the operation. You can adjust your time according to this. You should have a good breakfast in the morning of hair transplantation day. But do not eat too much and unhealthy. Getting to your appointment on time is important both for you and the experts who will do the operation.

Another important point is that you need to choose clothes that are as comfortable as possible. Especially those who think hair transplant in the summer, they should wear clothes that are suitable for taking of it easily without touching their head such as a buttoned or open collar instead of t-shirt. There are also some applications to be made after coming to the hair transplantation center.

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hair transplantation in the summer



Health Check

Firstly, a tube of blood is drawn from you in the hair transplantation center. Since hair transplantation is a surgical operation, it should be checked that if you have any health problems. Hemoglobin in your blood, Hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV virus values ​​should be known. It should be understood that you have a general health check and whether you have any health problems. This information becomes crucial during the operation. It is imperative that you know your blood values ​​against any risk. This process usually ends very quickly. Shortly after your blood is taken, your blood values ​​are received and if there are no problems, the operation preparations will continue.

After bloodletting and general health screening, you will be signed a form with questions about your health in general. You should respond to all the questions in this form in detail and correctly. This is matter to for your health. In addition, as well as before each surgery, you are also signed a form indicating that you have received your consent and that you accept the responsibilities of the operation before hair transplantation.

These are routine procedures that need to be done. During these procedures, you can ask everything to the doctor who will do the surgical operation. It is important that your mind is clear. On the other hand, if you are allergic or have any chronic illness, you should tell the doctor even if it is not included in the questions in the form. You should also specify if you have any medication that you use for that day. This whole preparation phase is important for the patient’s health.

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How to Do Hair Transplantation?

Before the hair transplantation, a plan is made on how to perform the operation. It is better to not shave on the day or before the hair transplantation. Because this process will be done while determining how your hair will be planted during planning. This procedure is better for the hair transplantation center to make a correct plan. Afterwards, the places where balding and hair root samples will be taken in your hair are determined.

Your doctor will describe how transplantation will be done by drawing some areas of your head to show you. By doing this, it can be decided exactly where your hair will be planted by paying attention of your forehead line and your face construction. You should listen to your doctor’s advice when planning and deciding to your forehead line because an experienced and professional doctor makes a plan for providing natural appearance after hair transplantation. In order to make your hair look natural, you should listen to the doctor’s planning and take his advice into consideration.



Operation Details of Hair Transplantation

Generally, hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia is not suitable for this operation. Once the entire computer is disinfected, the procedure is started. Hair grafts are collected from the back of the head. In this case, the patient is put to sleep by sedation. Sedation is the process of inhalation of anesthesia drugs to be given to the patient. Then it starts from the start of the grafts behind the head. The most advanced method recommended for this process is FUE and DHI.

Hair follicles should be separated from other tissue pieces that may pass through the skin and kept in serum. After that, some follicles are selected and prepared for application. Another important issue is the opening of the ducts where the hair will be planted. The depth, angle and direction of the duct are of great importance when opening these ducts. Because it is necessary to make the grooving process elaborate and masterful in order for the hair to appear natural before and after hair regrowth. Otherwise, it can be confronted that the transplantation is done and seam can be seen distinguishably.

Once the ducts are opened, the hair follicles are placed in the ducts, which is one of the most challenging and need professionality. If someone in the field makes the open duct and placement process, then a much more natural look is gained. No one can distinguish the difference between the transplanted hair and normal hair.

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How Long Does Hair Transplant Operation Take?

Hair transplantation is a long surgical intervention that lasts from 4 to 8 hours, although it varies according to the number of hair follicles to be planted. During this long operation, the patient has the option of listening to music and watching television. If you get hungry, you can take a break and a meal break. It is provided that the patient feels comfortable during the whole operation.


Hair Transplantation in The Summer

hair transplantation in the summer

There is no reason that hair transplantation should not be performed in the summer.  There are only a few points that you need to pay attention to after hair transplantation.

  • Tired physical activities should be avoided in order not to sweat 4-5 days
  • 3 weeks should be waited if the sea or pool holiday is planned or hair transplantation should be arranged to 3 weeks before the holiday.

There are no reasons to hesitate to do hair transplantation in the summer by paying attention to these 2 important issues. Since you have more time for summer, you can decide in a few weeks and enjoy your holiday.

You can discuss with your doctor at your hair transplantation center and decide on the date of operation. You will receive an operation date of approximately 3 weeks or one month before your holiday plan. It will be better for your head not to sweat and enter the water for a few days after the operation.

You need to go to the hair transplantation center to remove the bandages that will be behind your hair and wash your hair for the first time after the operation.

People who plan to have hair transplantation in the summer season, in order to make the hair healthier, after the operation is important not to have a swim in pool or the sea for three weeks.  During this period of approximately 1 month is important to avoid taking risks. After hair transplantation, your hair will grow as before.


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