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Hair transplantation is done in many countries of the world. However, in terms of medical tourism, Turkey has been located in the first row for the past ten years. Especially, Turkey is the first in hair transplantation. According to last year’s statistical data, about 60,000 people have come to Turkey for hair transplantation. These numbers are increasing day by day.

In many countries, a large number of tourists come to Turkey for hair transplantation in particular. Not only the number of tourists coming from European countries are high but also tourists coming from countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia are high in number. One of the most important reasons is that the health system for hair transplantation in Turkey is much more advanced than other countries including the United States. The success of Turkish doctors, the comfort and care of hospitals are incomparable to any other countries.


What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the permanent removal of the natural hair shedding usually seen in men. Hair transplantation is done by not transferring from another tissue but planting the healthy hair which is taken from the place it grows with small operations to the area where there is hair loss. It is extremely healthy and does not pose a risk because it doesn’t have tissue compatibility problems. Hair loss in men is usually experienced as a genetic factor at certain ages. There are many treatments for hair shedding, but these treatments often do not provide the desired result. Hair transplantation is the most permanent and healthiest method.

A hair transplantation method called FUE method has been practiced in Turkey since the 2000s. Hair transplantation, where the risk factor is almost zero, is a nonbleeding method which is done under local anesthesia without stitches and cuts in a short period of time.

In the DHI hair transplantation method, taking the hair follicles is the same as it is in the FUE method. The difference is that with the help of a very fine needle-tipped tool, more serial transplantation can be made without an incision in the scalp. Both are reliable methods that do not have side effects and are often preferred.


Why is Turkey Preferred for Hair Transplantation?

The biggest reason for this, in Turkey, hair transplantation costs are much cheaper compared to other countries. Also, applying the latest advanced technologies in plastic surgery and hair transplantation makes the success chart is very high in this regard. People from all over the world prefer Turkey for hair transplantation. Because not only the prices are affordable but also the service is of good quality.

One of the reasons is that tourists coming to Turkey hair transplantation spends the convalescence as a holiday after the operation. Besides hair transplantation, Turkey is also in first place in the world ranking in beard and mustache transplantation. Hair, beard and mustache transplantations result from the trend of men with lush hair, bushy beard, and mustache, which develops with metrosexuality.

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How is Hair Transplantation Done?

Hair transplantation is the process of planting one’s own hair to the area where the hair is sparse. The hair on the back of the head in people is extremely dense and they are not exposed to shedding. Therefore, it is the part where there is healthy hair used in the operation. The hair taken from the posterior head of the person is transplanted to the sparse area on the front side.


Can Hair Transplantation Be Applied to Everyone?

The treatment of sparse hair caused by hair loss in women or men occurs when a specialist physician decides on whether or not to plant after the result of the examination. However, the demand for hair transplanting and shedding hair usually come from male patients. The most important reason for hair loss in men is hormonal effects. This condition is usually described as male pattern hair loss.

Sparseness caused by male pattern hair loss is caused by the death of cells in those areas in men and women. In such cases, having hair transplantation is not a problem in any way. The most suitable age for hair transplantation is 20 years or older. Before the hair transplantation, the doctor who will perform the procedure can bring solutions to some patients without the need for hair transplantation. In some patients, additional treatment may be required. In addition, the patient’s history of hair loss, the patient’s hair and skin structure, and whether there are genetic factors are learned. According to this information,  whether hair transplantation is done or not is decided.

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Points Considered While Doing Hair Transplantation

After applying for hair transplantation, the doctor examines the area where the hair will be taken to see if there is sufficient hair to transfer from the back of the head. After taking the hair in the back area, it is checked if there is any sparseness. It is also looked at whether the hair loss continues. In this case, 40 years of age is the ideal age for transplantation. Because hair loss stops in normal healthy individuals at the age of 40.

hair transplantation in turkey

The hair transplantation is evaluated by the doctor before the application to patients with heart disease and hypertension. Another important issue about hair transplantation is that the center where the transplantation will be carried out should be a known, thoroughly researched place and this process should be carried out with the expert doctor and the team. It is very important that the centers that have hair transplantation should have approved licenses issued by the Ministry of Health. Hair transplantation of the patient is programmed according to how it will be applied.


Examinations Made Before Hair Transplantation

The Patient is asked to do a number of tests before the operation. Where hairlines are, and how many sessions will be performed is included in the planning. The patient is asked by the doctor if there is any allergic disease, whether there are cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, diabetes.

Before the transplantation, the area where the hair of the patient will be taken and the hair to be planted is anesthetized by local anesthesia. During the procedure, the patient feels no pain. With FUE motor, the area where the hair will be taken is filled with a medical liquid and inflated. In this way, the hair follicles are easily treated and a large number of hair follicles can be removed. Then the preset channels are opened. These channels are planted by placing roots from the area where hair grows. The last step is the process of planting roots into opened channels. Patients are usually discharged immediately after the hair transplantation is finished. No stitching and no bandaging is made. It is important for the patient to rest and not to wear hats for a few days during the recovery phase.

hair transplantation in turkey

How Long Does It Take Hair to Grow After the Operation?

After the planting process is finished, the hair placed in the channels is shed to a large extent. Only roots stay in the channels. After approximately 2-3 months, the hair starts to grow in a more strong and lush way. In some cases, hair transplantation is completed in one session. However, in some cases, the second and third sessions are needed. The doctor decides this by checking the patient after the planting. Cosmeticium expert teams can transplant up to 5000 hair follicles a day with 2 specialists if it is needed, unlike other clinics that can transplant up to 2500 hair follicles per day. This allows the patient to enjoy his normal routine or to visit Istanbul without having to re-enter the same procedure the next day.

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Hair Transplantation Techniques Used in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey can be performed not only with the FUE method. But also with using the robotic technique which is used in the healthcare field, especially in the surgical specialties. However, this method is not as successful as the FUE method which is done manually by the expert. It is not preferred because it is an expensive method. In fact, the robot technique can only be applied in taking the hair follicle process. So the expert team for planting continues to the process. The robotic technique is generally not enough and is not preferred because it is more costly.

As an alternative to FUE, there is the DHI method mentioned above. It is a new and modern method that allows planting up to 5000 hair follicles per day. The difference from FUE is that it allows hair transplantation with the help of a very fine needle-tipped tool without an incision in the scalp.

Thanks to these most preferred FUE and DHI methods, not only hair transplantation but also a beard and mustache transplantation are performed. These methods are capable of performing 100% error-free operations in both general surgery operations and hair transplantation operations in a short time. With these latest technology methods which are safe and trouble-free, hair transplantation can be carried out in Turkey.

In hair transplantations under the control of Cosmeticium hair transplant experts, you can read books, watch movies play games on your tablet. In this way, our specialist doctors can continue the hair transplantation while you enjoy your time without any discomfort.

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