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Are you uncomfortable with the appearance of your nose when you look at yourself? Or do you have some difficulty in breathing? If your answer to one of these questions is “yes”, you can start searching for the rhinoplasty procedure. With this procedure, you can change your nose structure as you wish or eliminate functional problems in your nose. How can you be sure that this is the most appropriate method for you before you decide on a rhinoplasty procedure? You can find an answer to the question whether rhinoplasty is the right procedure for me by reviewing the rest of our article.


What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes the nose aesthetically or removes a number of health problems in the nose. So, this process will not only reshape your nose, but also fix existing respiratory problems. The benefits of this procedure to patients can be listed as follows:

  • Improved contours
  • Improvement in facial harmony
  • Increase in functionality
  • Increased self-confidence


What Can Be Changed with Rhinoplasty Procedure?

The entire nose structure can be changed with rhinoplasty. The main point here is the reshaping of the nasal bone and cartilage. Firstly, a small incision is made from the tissue separating the nostrils. After reaching the bone and cartilage with the incision, the necessary procedures are performed here. These procedures may vary from small changes in the structure of the nose or to the renewal of the nose. Transactions are carried out taking the patient’s wishes and medical requirements into account. Finally, the incision is closed and the rhinoplasty procedure is terminated. Local or general anesthesia is preferred during the operation. Patients are usually kept under surveillance for 1 day at the hospital.

rhinoplasty procedure


What Do You Want To Change In Your Nose?

The nose is an organ located in the middle of the face. This organ, which allows you to breathe, greatly affects your general appearance. Factors such as the size of the nose, the structure of the holes, the flatness and the angle of the bridge may bother you. Apart from those mentioned here, different reasons or health problems you experience may make it necessary to make changes in your nose. At this point, you should clearly define your expectations and explain all of them to your doctor during the consultation.


Are You Ready for a New Appereance?

Only your nose will change after rhinoplasty surgery. However, never forget that this will cause your entire image to change. When you look in the mirror after surgery, the person on the mirror may seem like a stranger at first. Keep in mind how ready you are for the aforementioned situation and that this surgery is irreversible. (In some cases, this surgery is reversible but this will require extra surgery and time.)

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Recovery Period

The recovery period may differ depending on the patients’ characteristics. Therefore, you can get a precise answer about how long you will recover from your doctor. On average, it can be said that you will improve greatly within 2-4 weeks. During this period, you should stay away from strenuous and heavy activities. There may be swelling and bruising around the eyes, these are perfectly normal. In addition, depending on your health status, you may wear a nasal splint for the first week.

rhinoplasty procedure


Are Your Expectations Realistic?

Before a rhinoplasty procedure, you should tell your doctor what you expect. Creating expectations over incorrect information may cause disappointment after surgery. Ask all the questions in your mind during the consultation. Also, never forget that your appearance after surgery is not definitive. You should wait at least 6 months for definitive results.

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Choosing the Right Surgeon

This is the general information about rhinoplasty. After this information, if you think that “rhinoplasty is the right procedure for me”, now you should try to find the right surgeon. Rhinoplasty is an extremely comprehensive procedure and can only be performed by surgeons with expertise and experience in this field. It is not possible for anyone other than this to perform such an operation. When choosing the right surgeon, you should do a detailed research and evaluate the clinic where the doctor works at this stage. As Cosmeticium, we have the most expert and experienced doctors for different plastic surgery procedures. You can be sure that our doctors, who have participated in numerous operations so far, will provide the best and most comprehensive treatment for you. For this reason, your expectations will be met to a great extent.

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