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Norwood Scale

How Can You Assess the Level of Hair Loss with the Norwood Scale?

Deaspite the fact that hair loss is a problem experienced by many people, its severity may vary between individuals. Therefore, Norwood scale was developed in 1950s to assess the level of hair loss. It is still used today. How many levels are there on the Norwood scale to determine hair loss? What level are you at? You can find all the details in our article.   What is the Norwood Scale? Norwood scale is a scale which was developed to...

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Breast Implant Ruptures

Most Important Symptoms of Breast Implant Rupture

Breast implants are specially developed for the needs of women who want to have larger breasts. Implants, which are preferred by many women today, allow women to have breasts in the shape and size that they look for. But the implants may have a low probability of rupture for different reasons although they are medical materials. After the rupture, some symptoms begin to occur. Knowing these symptoms gives the opportunity to intervene in the problem faster. Which symptoms indicate the...

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Preparation Phase for Tummy Tuck

How to Get Ready for Tummy Tuck Operation?

Tummy tuck is a special procedure that effectively removes sagging in the abdominal area. This procedure is usually applied to patients with excessive sagging. If there is no excessive sagging, other cosmetic methods may be preferred. If you want to have a tummy tuck procedure due to sagging and excesses in your abdominal area, you should get ready for the operation properly. This situation is very important for the success of the operation. So, how should you get ready for...

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Coffee and Hair Loss

Can Coffee Consumption Be The Reason for Your Hair Loss?

Hair loss is one of the major problems many people experience today. Especially, the lack of a full-fledged treatment makes hair loss a problem that can result in baldness. Therefore, people tend to avoid food that can cause hair loss. Have you ever thought that coffee could also be such a product? Some claim that coffee is a beverage that causes hair loss. Well, is it really so? Is coffee consumption one of the causes of hair loss? Or is...

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HIV Patients and Hair Transplantation

Can HIV Patients Have Hair Transplantation?

Permanent hair loss due to different reasons causes the hair to become thinner or bald areas on the scalp. These situations not only affect people's appearance, but also their psychology. Some people may lose their self-confidence seriously and may avoid being with people. Here, the permanent solution for such situations is hair transplantation. So, are HIV patients suitable candidates for hair transplantation? What are the risks of hair transplantation for HIV patients?   Hair Transplantation Methods Before talking about whether...

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unsuccessful hair transplant

5 Signs Showing That Hair Transplantation Will Fail

Hair transplantation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures today. It is therefore extremely important that hair transplantation, which greatly changes people's lives, is successful. However, in some cases, it becomes evident at the beginning that hair transplantation will fail. By having a look at these 5 signs, you can reach a conclusion about the success of hair transplantation. Let's examine them together.   1. Donor Area Hair transplantation is not a suitable procedure for everyone. First of...

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Hair Transplantation Process

Overview of the Hair Transplantation Process

Hair transplantation has become an increasingly popular procedure. Hair transplantation is a great solution for those who want to get rid of their bald areas or increase the density of their hair. How to prepare for hair transplantation? What is the process after the operation? Things you need to know about hair transplantation.   Things You Need to Know About Hair Transplantation Hair transplantation is the procedure of transplanting the grafts taken from the donor area to the balding area....

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Hair Transplantation Repair

How Can an Unsuccessful Hair Transplantation be Corrected?

Hair transplantation doesn’t only change people's appearance, but it also affects their entire lives. Therefore, the result must be perfect. However, sometimes the result of the hair transplantation is not as desired due to the wrong surgeon selection and sometimes for other reasons. The question "Can an unsuccessful hair transplantation be corrected?" comes to mind when the hair transplantation didn’t end up well. You can find the answer and all the details in our article.   Hair Transplantation Repair Although...

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FUT, FUE, DHI Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation Techniques From Past to Present

If hair loss cannot be prevented, it becomes a problem that may cause baldness. In some types of hair loss, baldness is almost inevitable. The main reason for the development of hair transplantation techniques is the desire of people experiencing such a problem to regain their hair. Hair transplantation, which was first tried by Japanese doctors at a simple level in the early 1900s, has continuously improved. Hair transplant initiatives which was started by Japanese doctors were ceased with the...

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Important Facts About Breast Augmentation

Important Facts About Breast Implants

Breast implants are the most preferred ones among cosmetic procedures. In the USA alone, approximately 400 thousand women have breast implant surgeries every year. This number is increasing day by day. Breast implants allow women to have breasts at the size they want. However, there are some contradictory issues regarding these surgeries. All of these issues confuse the minds of women considering breast implant surgery. What are the facts to know about breast implants? Are there any risks? What situations...

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