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Which Hormone During Birth Control Does Cause Hair Loss?

Birth Control and Hair Loss: All You Want To Know

Hair loss is resulted from reasons like genetic factors and stress. But, except these, there are other situations that cause hair loss. Birth control is one of them and it may result in severe hair loss. Then, what is the relation between birth control and hair loss? Which hormone does cause this? Is it permanent? All are in our article.   Which Hormone During Birth Control Does Cause Hair Loss? There are different methods used for birth control. Pills, injections...

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How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Affect Breastfeeding?

Does Breast Reduction Surgery Affect Breastfeeding?

The breast is of great importance for women in terms of both outlook and fulfillment of maternal duties. However, women may sometimes resort to cosmetic procedures to reshape their breasts for different reasons. Breast reduction surgery is one of these procedures. So, does breast reduction surgery give damage to the milk-producing ducts and glands? Does breast reduction affect breastfeeding? You can find the answers to these questions and other details in the rest of our article.   The Relationship between...

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Joe Biden Hair Transplantation

Joe Biden Hair Transplant: Truth or Rumor?

New president of the USA, Joe Biden becomes one of the main topics of discussion recently due to his age. Although he is 77, it is told that he looks younger than he is and he owes this to plastic surgery. The fact that Biden’s hair is still dense and voluminous causes the question of whether he had hair transplant or not to be asked. Did Joe Biden have hair transplant? Which parts of his hair is the problem? All...

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Signs of losing hair

5 Important Clues Showing You Are Losing Hair

Hair can be lost due to many reasons. Such hair loss is less and limited for some people and for some, it may result in baldness. Although such an important consequence is possible, many people don’t realize that they are losing hair. This situation may cause delayed treatment or even permanent hair loss. Before you lose your hair permanently, we will talk about 5 different clues that shows the reasons behind.   1. Losing More Than 100 Hair Strands Hair...

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Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Timeline (Step-By-Step)

Recovery process has great importance for those who had breast reduction surgery for different reasons. The process may be different for each patient depending on the procedures to be performed. This is a period that includes some stages in itself. Well, what are the stages of breast reduction surgery recovery period? We have compiled recovery time info for each stage for you.   The First Stage of Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery This procedure is performed under anesthesia. You do...

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Breast Reduction Back Pain

Breast Reduction Surgery Decreases the Back Pain

Large breasts can cause different health problems, although they attract men's attention. Depending on the anatomical structure and breast size of the person, there may be a pain in different parts of the body. One of these places is the back. So, what is the most effective treatment for back pain caused by large breast size? Is breast reduction an effective procedure for back pain? All the details about the relationship between this surgery and back pain are in our...

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Full Mouth Veneers Cost

How Much Do Full Mouth Veneers Cost? (Comparison by Countries)

Wouldn’t you like to have natural and perfect smile after just one visit to a clinic? In full mouth veneers procedure, your each and every tooth is examined one by one and necessary procedures are followed after alignment, color or similar problems are evaluated. This way, your each and every tooth obtains natural and consistent look. For this procedure, in general, products made of composite, zirconium or porcelain are used. Applied by dentists having serious level of experience and expertise...

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Liposuction is Better Than Coolsculpting

Why Is Liposuction Better Than Coolsculpting Procedure?

Main procedures used for body shaping are coolsculpting and liposuction. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical method and can be applied to different parts of the body. In spite of these advantages, liposuction gives better results than coolsculpting and it is preferred more. So why is liposuction a better procedure than coolsculpting? What are its advantages? We have compiled all the details for you.   Liposuction Gives Better Shape to the Body Non-surgical coolsculpting procedure can be used to shape or make...

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Why Are Dental Crowns Necessary for Kids?

Dental Crowns for Kids: Is It Really Necessary?

Dental health is extremely important not only for adults but also for children. When dental care is not paid enough attention in childhood, it will be inevitable to result in more serious problems in adulthood. There are different treatment options for dental problems experienced by children. Dental crowns are one of them. So, are dental crowns necessary for children? Why and in what situations may this be needed? Let's look for the answer to this question together.   What are...

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Breast Augmentation with 800cc Implants

FAQ About Breast Augmentation with 800cc Implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures today. This procedure has some varieties. 800cc implants are among these varieties. It has been developed for people who want to have slightly bigger breasts than normal in size. Then, how big are 800cc implants? Will they eventually sag? How long is the incision? All answers are in our article.   Will 800cc Implants Eventually Sag? While making a selection for breast implants, final display is not the only thing...

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