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Hair transplantation can be expressed as a procedure that allows people to regain their lost hair. Thanks to hair transplantation, the quality of life of people increases significantly. But hair transplantation is not as simple as it is thought. Although it is relatively different from other surgical operations, it is also a surgical procedure as well. In an ordinary clinic, it is not possible for a non-specialist doctor to perform hair transplantation. In order for the hair transplantation to be carried out smoothly and for successful results, the clinic where the procedure is performed should have adequate medical equipments. It is also important that the surgeon performing the procedure is an expert and experienced in his / her field. Why does hair transplant fail? What are the main risks? We have listed the unsuccessful results of hair transplantation together with the illustrations for you.


Why Does Hair Transplant Fail?

There are many different reasons why hair transplantation fails. Let’s examine the most important of these in detail below.


1. Fraud in Clinics

One of the most important causes of hair transplantation failures is fraud in the clinics. Someone who has lost his/her hair wants to have the best hair transplantation. He negotiates with different clinics according to his budget, receives both prices and learns the details of how many grafts to be implanted. But it is difficult to say that all clinics are honest about this. It would not be wrong to say that clinics, whose sole purpose is to make money, have committed fraud at this stage.

Clinics that are not experts in their field and want to make money only focus on numbers without taking care of the general condition of their patients. As you can assume, the first of these numbers is the money and the other one is the number of grafts. Moreover, they can claim that they can transplant as many grafts as you don’t even have. If you don’t get help from a real expert, you may not know you’ve been defrauded. Ultimately, it is not possible to count the transplanted hair grafts individually. Therefore, you should choose the clinics with certain criteria in order not to be exposed to such frauds.


2. Inexperienced Surgeons

The success of hair transplantation is directly related to the experience and expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure. Hair transplantation is not a new process, but it is developing more and more every day. It is a fact that some hair transplantation methods that were used frequently in the past are not used today. Therefore, it is not possible for all surgeons to make new methods. Because these new techniques require serious experience, expertise and patience. If the surgeon performing the procedure does not have these qualities, it is very likely that the procedure will fail.

In hair transplantation, the grafts from the donor area are transferred to the area without hair. The grafts to be selected from the donor region are of great importance in the process that is explained so easily in theory. While experienced surgeons can easily determine which grafts to take, the inexperienced ones do not even pay attention to this. This may cause the operation to fail. Because not all grafts may be suitable for transplantation. In addition, it is also important to know exactly how to remove the grafts.

Briefly, the correct grafts should be determined by the surgeon for hair transplantation to be successful. It is also important that these are taken correctly. At the same time, he must apply the hair transplantation technique correctly and transplant them accordingly. Thus, the probability of the hair transplantation to be successful is extremely high. However, it should be remembered that only surgeons who are experienced in this field will manage it.

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3. Incorrectly Transplanted Grafts

One of the most important points in the hair transplantation procedure is the placement of grafts from the donor area. When this statement is first read/heard, people may underestimate it and think how difficult it can be! However, it is a very sensitive process and if done incorrectly, the whole procedure fails.

When placing the grafts, the angle of the other hair strands in the area where they are placed should be taken into consideration. Hair transplantation made considering this angle is very important for obtaining a natural look. For example, as a result of hair transplantation performed by a surgeon who forgets to take into account the aforementioned issue or failed in practice, some of the hair on the head grows to the right, while the other part grows to the left. This prevents the hair from taking shape. It does not provide a natural look and the transplantation is easily noticed from the outside. The right surgeon and clinic should be selected in order to avoid such situations.


4. Inadequate Post-Operative Care

The process after hair transplantation surgery affects the success of the procedure. Therefore, you should follow all the instructions given by your surgeon after having hair transplantation. Otherwise, the transplanted grafts may die, which means that the procedure will be completely useless. Especially post-operative care should not be neglected.

After hair transplantation, some patients experience a serious sense of itching on their heads. It is very important to resist this feeling and not scratch the head. But if it is unbearable, you can ask your doctor for help. In the early days, itching of the scalp will cause damage to the transplanted fresh grafts.

After the surgery, hair washing should be done according to the instructions given by your doctor. Never forget that at this point you should be quite gentle with your hair at the beginning. You should wash your hair with a light massage and you should never apply pressure. In addition, shampoos recommended by the doctor should be used for hair washing. After washing, the hair should be dried gently, too.

Another condition that causes hair transplantation to fail is infections due to poor hygiene conditions. Infections also have a negative effect on grafts. In spite of the aforementioned issues, if the surgeon performing the procedure is experienced, nothing will happen to your transplanted hair unless you are too careless.

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Results of Unsuccessful Hair Transplantation Procedures

Unsuccessful hair transplantation procedures will result in the operations and money spent to go for nothing. In addition, healthy grafts in the donor area will also be lost as a result of this failure. By examining these images, you can see what a faulty decision it will be to have hair transplantation carried out by unhygienic clinics and inexperienced doctors.


unsuccessful hair transplantation

Fail Hair Transplant

unsuccessful hair transplant


If you do not want to encounter this kind of results, you should prefer professional surgeons and clinics who are expert in hair transplantation. As Cosmeticium, you can have a look at the successful operations performed by our experienced and qualified surgeons by clicking here.

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