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Today, hair loss is an important problem that many people face. When you look around carefully, you can easily see that different people have hair loss problem. In some people, hair loss shows itself clearly, while in others it progresses more slowly. These hair losses have different reasons.  Sometimes, it may be due to genetic factors, but sometimes hair loss may occur because of other different reasons.

There are some factors that cause hair loss. Unless the necessary precautions are taken, these factors become influential and hair loss occurs. Not all the hair losses have the same reason. Thus, types of hair loss are also different. When these types are known, solving the problem will be much easier. In our article, there are answers to questions such as what the types of hair loss are, why hair loss occurs.


What are the Reasons of Hair Loss?

Hair loss has different reasons and possibility of their appearance also differs. One of the first reasons is the adverse effects of androgen on hair follicles. The hair loss that occurs as a result of this is called androgenic hair loss. Alopecia areata which is thought to occur due to immune system is also very common.

Some personal reasons apart from the above ones can also end up in hair loss. Medications being used, treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy are some of these reasons. Giving birth, ending the pregnancy for different reasons, using birth control pills, having intensive stress and similar situations may also cause hair loss. There may be adverse effects of some diseases on hair follicles. Examples of such diseases are infections, skin tumors, fungal infections and bacterial diseases. 

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Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Emotional and physical stress can cause hair loss. Hair loss that occurs because of such cases is called telogen effluvium. However, hair loss mentioned here is quite different from androgenic hair loss. The most important difference is the regrowth of hair in one year when the cause of stress disappears. Therefore, it can be expressed as a hair loss with solution.

There is an important point to know about hair loss due to stress. People are exposed to stress with different degrees in significant part of their lives. People can easily cope with majority of these cases. Therefore, it is difficult for a low level stress to cause hair loss. It can be said that only severe stress causes hair loss.


What are the Types of Hair Loss?

Types of Hair Loss

Depending on the reason of hair loss, different types of loss can occur. Their characteristics are different. Therefore, there is significant difference in the ways the hair falls. Types of hair loss and related explanations are as follows:


1. Androgenic Hair Loss

This occurs due to the adverse effect of androgen on hair follicles. This type of hair loss occurs not only in men, but also in women. Although androgen is secreted in everyone, the main reason why this type of hair loss is seen in only some people is due to genetic factors of the person. It is known to be the most common type of hair loss in the world. Usually, if the necessary precautions are not taken on time, the hair is lost permanently.


2. Physiological Hair Loss

Many new born babies are born with hair. However, majority of the babies’ hair falls down in the first few days. A similar case can be seen in some women who give birth. These types of hair losses are expressed as physiological. Physiological hair losses are temporary. Especially babies’ hair starts to grow only after couple of weeks.


3. Alopecia Areata

It is a type of hair loss mostly seen in young and old people. The exact reason of this loss is unknown. But, some specialists state that it occurs as a result of the attack of immune system on hair follicles.

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4. Hair Loss Due to Wound

Trauma situations occurred due to physical or chemical reasons may cause hair loss.


5. Telogen Effluvium

It is a hair loss type which occurs because of stress.


6. Personal Hair Loss

This can be expressed as a situation where the person willingly or unwillingly damages his/her hair.


7. Anagene Effluvium

It is a sudden hair loss occurred as a result of exposure to chemical or radioactive substances. This situation occurs very often in cancer treatments. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy can cause hair loss.



Hair loss types are usually as mentioned. If you take the necessary precautions before your hair completely falls down or when it starts to fall down, you can save your hair.  Thanks to PRP hair treatment, it is possible for your falling hair to be strong and bushy again. PRP is special and enriched plasma obtained from patient’s blood. It provides extremely effective results. But, if the hair follicles are completely lost, PRP and similar treatments don’t work for you. After this point, you can have your hair back with hair transplantation. Thanks to hair transplantation, you can regain your hair.

If you are having hair loss but can’t stop it, in order to take precaution before you lose them completely, you can fill our online consultation form here  and contact us.

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