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After BBL, patients should avoid activities that put pressure directly on the buttocks. The most important of these is sitting. Many patients report that they don’t realize how much they sit until they are banned.

Watching television, eating, traveling, and driving. These are all activities that require sitting. We’ll provide some helpful tips on how soon after BBL you can start driving. Thus, you can easily return to the normal activities of life.

Wondering when you can start driving after your BBL surgery? Here’s what our experts have to say.

Keep the treated area away from press

If you do not want dents in your perfect contour after surgery, you need to keep the pressure away from your hip. After BBL, this is very important.

Since the transplanted fat cells are new, ensuring blood flow to them is of paramount importance. Sitting down can even cause this blood flow to decrease and stop altogether.

When you sit down, high pressure is applied to the corresponding area. Depending on this, a situation such as shifting the transplanted fats to other regions may occur. The condition in question, called fat shift, leads to the deterioration of the results of the surgery.

Wearing a special compression garment after the operation will contribute to the new lines of the skin. The compression suit puts light pressure on the operation area, prevents swelling and fluid accumulation, shortening the healing process. It also ensures that the results of surgery are preserved.

In the first week after the procedure, sitting should be strictly avoided. This is essential for ensuring healthy circulation and completely eliminating the risk of complications. Driving after the BBL will not be possible during this process.

When and How to Drive After BBL?

You should avoid sitting on your hips for at least 3 weeks after the operation. The fact that sitting is forbidden will also means that you will not be able to drive. Therefore, you should avoid driving during this process. Also, if you’re feeling sluggish, the amount of time you should probably avoid driving will take a little longer.

If you are forced to drive during the period when you are forbidden to sit on your hips, you can use a BBL pillow. This small pillow placed in the thigh area provides effective reduction of pressure in the hip area. Thus, your butt does not come into direct contact with the seat and remains hanging in the air.

To drive with a BBL pillow, first place the pillow on the seat. Place the pillow close to the steering wheel, and then gently lift yourself up and sit on the pillow. Rest your back against the back of the seat. In this procedure, your thighs should come to the pillow and your butt should be slightly up.

If you need to drive 2 weeks after the BBL, you should take care to keep the time as short as possible. It is important that you avoid long-distance journeys and driving during heavy traffic time zones. At such times, you can take a break every 30 minutes and recalibrate yourself.

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Why Is It Risky to Drive Shortly After the Procedure?

Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that can be done using different techniques. Depending on this, doctors’ recommendations for sitting may vary. Some doctors recommend that you never sit during the 2-week period after surgery. Some may recommend sitting using a BBL pillow during the first 6 weeks.

The first 2 weeks after the operation, especially avoiding sitting, is important. In this process, it is important for patients to take time off from work and rest at home. Avoiding driving after BBL will reduce the risks. There are different reasons for this.

The fat cells injected into the hip area do not initially have blood sources. Accordingly, it is extremely easy for fat cells to be damaged by pressure. So much so that sitting during this period and causing the fat cells to be exposed to pressure can kill them.

Within 6 weeks after the procedure, blood supply is created by the body around the relevant fat cells, namely capillaries. After this process is completed, the transplanted fat cells become like normal fat cells. Thus, the risk of sitting is eliminated.

When you need to sit down in the first weeks after the procedure, i.e. when there is a situation of necessity, you need to do it on a supported basis. Thus, you reduce the pressure in your hips.

Is BBL worth it?

BBL is a procedure that allows you to have the hips of your dreams. The success rate with an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon is very high. It is one of the most preferred procedures to have a curvy silhouette and ideal body appearance.

Although sitting as usual should be avoided for a few weeks after surgery, the injected fats will be permanent in the later process. There are no problems with sitting. So if you want your hips to have a more curvy look, BBL is the ideal alternative.

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What is the result when you take precautions?

The healing process after BBL may be a little difficult. However, you can get through this process smoothly with the necessary materials such as BBL pillow, free-standing work table and pillows with special padded.

Thanks to the precautions to be taken, the results of the surgery will not deteriorate and your hips will be as you wish. So you get the hips of your dreams. You should follow your doctor’s instructions to get through this process smoothly. You should also examine the care instructions before surgery in detail.

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After BBL

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