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How Soon Can I Drink Alcohol After BBL? – What Are the Effects?

By June 6th, 2023Environment

It is accepted by experts that BBL surgery is the most effective procedure for the lower area of the body, especially the buttocks, to look good. Want to have great hips with BBL but have some hesitation about the healing process? If you have such concerns, we would like to point out that you are not alone. Many people wonder how long the healing process will be, how it will pass, and how long after that they will be able to drink alcohol. We have compiled the details about drinking alcohol after BBL and its effects for you.

How long after BBL is it more appropriate to consume alcohol? What are the risks of consuming it beforehand? Details are in our article.

How Soon Can I Drink Alcohol After BBL

Is alcohol consumed 24 hours after the procedure?

Regardless of the size, alcohol-containing products are strongly not recommended in the first days after a previous surgical operation. The surgeon and other medical staff will recommend listening to this process. In addition, in the first times, it is necessary to avoid not only alcohol, but also smoking.

Some people have habits of drinking alcohol every day. This can make it difficult for them to avoid alcohol. For such people, family members and caregivers need to step in and help them stay away from alcohol.


  1. What is the ideal period of time you can consume alcohol after BBL?

Drinking alcohol after BBL, a surgical procedure, can be detrimental to the results of the operation. It can cause damage to the tissues in the healing process, increasing the swelling in the relevant area. In addition, there is a risk of alcohol interacting with the drugs used after surgery. In such a case, there may be much worse consequences.

You can get the clearest answer from your doctor about how long after the operation you need to use alcohol. But on average, it is strongly recommended not to drink alcohol for 1-2 weeks after BBL.


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Why Stay Away from Alcohol for a While?

Alcohol is a substance that, by its structure, has the power to expand the vessels and act on the tissues in this way. Alcohol, even when consumed in healthy times, can adversely affect the human body. The use of this substance immediately after a surgical operation should be strictly avoided.

Drinking alcohol after BBL causes different negative effects. Highlights of these effects are as follows:

  • Alcohol causes the vessels to dilate and the blood flow to accelerate. This increases the risk of bleeding at the surgery site. It also prolongs the recovery time.
  • May interact with the painkillers used and prevent these drugs from taking effect. In such a case, it can be much more painful and painful after surgery.
  • Significantly increases the risk of infection. In such a case, even the results of surgery may be compromised.


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Do Not Drink Alcohol With Painkillers!

BBL is ultimately a surgical procedure, and pain in the first periods after surgery is expected and normal. Therefore, it is very likely that your doctor will prescribe pain medication to ensure that the first time after the operation is comfortable. By using these remedies regularly, you can get through the first week painlessly.

If you drink alcohol during the period when you are taking painkillers, the drug used with alcohol may interact. In such a case, there may even be a risk of damaging your surgery results because the effects after the interaction may be much heavier than thought.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is the process of lifting the buttocks by injecting the fat taken from the body into the buttocks. You should follow your doctor’s instructions to preserve the results after this surgery. The risk of complications will thus be reduced to a minimum. It should be remembered that not drinking alcohol with painkillers is also one of these rules.


Things to Consider After BBL

After the BBL procedure, you can gradually return to your normal diet. It is very important that you spend the first days resting. In this process, you should take care to stay away from household chores. You should also consume plenty of water and stay away from alcohol for 1-2 weeks.

It is risky to remain inactive after the operation. In such a case, the risk of clotting will increase significantly. To prevent this, you can make small walks inside the house and eliminate the risk of clotting.

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