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Tummy tuck procedure after c-section seems ideal at first sight, right? It is extremely advantageous for many women both to give birth and flatten the abdominal region with only one surgery. But, did you think that having tummy tuck procedure immediately after c-section may have different risks? Due to these risks, many specialist doctors do not recommend getting tummy tuck and c-section together. Why is tummy tuck not a good idea after c-section? What are the risks? When this procedure should be done earliest? All these answers are in our article.


The Procedure of Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is a surgery which is performed to remove sagging in abdominal region and tighten muscles there. At first sight, it may seem like a minimal procedure, but it is a more comprehensive one. It includes complex procedures such as reshaping of muscle, tissue and skin. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform tummy tuck after c-section.

Sagging may occur in abdominal region according to different reasons. Sagging which occurs in this area based on excessive weight loss, heredity, old age, pregnancy and similar reasons cannot be completely eliminated with diet and exercise. In general meaning, it causes bad display. Tummy tuck surgery is performed to eliminate this problem. In this surgery, excess fat, tissue and skin in abdominal region are removed. Muscles are tightened and abdominal region becomes flat.

Abdominoplasty Procedure Steps Infographic

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Why is Tummy Tuck Beneficial After Pregnancy?

Tummy tuck has become one of the most preferred surgical procedures by women especially recently. The most important reason for this is the fact that it provides long-lasting and permanent results in abdominal region and shaping this region as desired.

It can be said that tummy tuck procedure has many benefits when any change that occurs in a woman’s body after pregnancy, especially in abdominal region, is considered. Benefits of tummy tuck procedure after pregnancy can be listed as follows:

  • Having the body that you had before pregnancy again
  • Eliminating sagging skins
  • Removing scars and cracks caused by c-section
  • Tightening loose abdominal muscles
  • Solving problems around belly button
  • Improving your posture
  • Shaping your waistline area
  • Improving your body image and increasing your self-confidence.

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Why is It Not a Good Idea to Have Tummy Tuck Immediately After C-Section?

Combining Tummy tuck with cesarean birth will cause different problems. Therefore, it is not a good idea to perform these two procedures at the same time. The reasons for this are as follows:

Tummy Tuck is Not Safe After C-Section


Difficult Recovery Period

Having tummy tuck after cesarean may mean that the recovery period would be longer than normal. Moreover, it can be said that recovery period will be quite tiring and complicated for you when it is considered that you should take the responsibility of a newborn baby immediately after two surgeries.


Unpredictable Results

The general goal in tummy tuck procedure is to gain a flat and tight appearance in abdominal region. For this, a surgeon must carefully calculate the amount of tissue, skin and fat to be removed. However, it is extremely difficult to make these calculations accurately in tummy tuck after c-section. Because we can say that your abdominal region and uterus stretch and grow with the effect of hormones depending on normal pregnancy progress. Moreover, this growth will get better significantly sometime after birth. Performing tummy tuck without knowing the extent of this improvement may cause the consequences to be a disappointment.


Side Effects and Risks

Performing two surgeries at the same time will increase the possible side effects and risks. There may be a high risk of fluid retention and blood coagulation. Likewise, possibility of infection risk will increase. All of them are extremely negative for you.


Surgical Logistic Problems

You may have serious difficulty to find a surgeon who can perform tummy tuck and c-section together. Labor pains that will occur during the birth may make your plans fail.


Best Time For Tummy Tuck After C-Section

Even if it is not suitable to perform tummy tuck procedure at the same time with c-section, you can have tummy tuck after the recovery period of cesarean section is completed. It can be expressed that the ideal time for this is at least 6 months or 1 year. Additionally, it should not be forgotten that there can be differences in recovery period from person to person, so this period may be different for everyone as well.

Do not forget that you need to be ready for tummy tuck surgery not only physically but also emotionally. Your mood after birth will get better in time. You can understand when you will be ready for tummy tuck by looking at the following criteria:

  • Make sure that you have enough time to bond with your baby.
  • Regain your physical strength and energy after c-section.
  • Complete breast feeding process.
  • Let your body return to normal and your weight stabilize.

When you meet these conditions, it means that you are ready for tummy tuck. However, you need to wait patiently for these to happen.


It is Good to Be Patient

It is extremely normal that you have willingness to regain your old body after birth. However, performing a big and complex surgery such as tummy tuck after c-section is seriously risky. Hence, it is necessary to wait and be patient at this point. So you can be sure that you will get the best results.

You must have realistic goals before surgery. However, it is extremely important for your body to be stable in order to determine your goals realistically after birth. For this, you should not have tummy tuck after c-section and wait for recovery and your body to find its balance. Thus, you can create realistic expectations and do not need an additional application after the procedure.

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