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It is the dream of most women to have full and aesthetic buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, developed to meet this desire, works by injecting fat removed from different parts of the body into the buttocks. However, one has to be patient for the final results after BBL. So, when does fluffing occur after BBL? What are the stages? What should be done to get the best results? All the details are in our article.

What is the BBL Fluff Fairy?

If you’ve had a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, or are considering having one soon, you’ve probably heard of the fluff fairy. The fluff fairy, a mysterious and legendary expression, brings you the gift you dreamed of like the tooth fairy in childhood.

The fluff fairy is a fun expression used to describe the stages patients go through after surgery. It is also known as the fluffing phase or fat feeding stage.

BBL Fluffing Stages

Each patient’s body anatomy is unique. Therefore the answer to “when does fluffing happen after bbl?” differs for each patient. There is no one clear answer that is right for everyone. However, it can be said that, on average, fluffing can occur within a period of 6 to 12 weeks after BBL.

There are important factors that affect when fluffing is going to occur. The most important issues are your body’s capacity to stretch and expand. If your skin maintains its elasticity, the process can be completed in a shorter time for you.

As young people’s skin structure is more elastic, they are more likely to see the results earlier. Since there is a decrease in the elasticity of the skin with aging after a certain period, those who are older may need to wait a little longer.

With the fluffing experienced after BBL, the buttocks get a rounder and fuller appearance. It also has a softer structure. It can be said that with all these features, it can easily meet the expectations.

Suggestions for the Best Results

As part of the BBL procedure, you will feel your skin stretched in the buttocks area due to the fat injected. This usually happens gradually. However, it should not be forgotten that it may not be experienced in the same way in every patient.

You may feel some burning when the fats are first injected. This burning feeling is perfectly normal and is caused by some stretching of the skin to make room for the new fat. Over time, the skin expands and becomes fluffy to provide space and accommodate the transferred fats. This process is referred to as the fluffing stage.

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How Can I Make My Buttocks Soft After BBL?

The most important thing that patients should pay attention to after BBL is not to sit or lie on their buttocks. Especially in the 3-4 weeks after the surgery, sitting on the buttocks and putting pressure can cause the injected fat cells to die.

You can reduce the pressure on the buttocks by placing a small pillow on your thigh area when you have to sit after the surgery. You can create similar effects by using a BBL pillow. You can prefer sleeping facedown or on your side while sleeping after BBL. Besides, you should prevent turning during your sleep by placing a pillow around you.

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What Should I Expect From the Fluffing Stage?

BBL is the injection of fat taken with the liposuction process to the buttocks area. Although it may seem like a simple injecting procedure, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it is a surgical operation. Therefore, after BBL, a certain time is required for the skin to recover and the injected fats to adapt to their new places.

In the procedure, fat can be removed from different donor areas such as the abdomen, back, and thighs. When the removed fat is transferred to the buttocks, a burning feeling will occur and your skin will be stretched. This is because it has started to contain fats that were not normally there.

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Although the fluff fairy is a mythical expression, it is the right term to describe the process. The fluffing process takes place within 6 to 12 weeks after the surgery. This will be different for each patient. The elasticity of your skin, your age, and similar factors are effective here.

You may be looking forward to having round and full buttocks with BBL. It is of great importance to choose the right clinic and the right surgeons. The worldwide specialist surgeons of the Cosmeticium clinic stand out for their experience in the BBL procedure. Many patients from abroad prefer the Cosmeticium clinic in Istanbul for BBL and leave contented. If you want to have a BBL and are looking for answers to your questions on the subject, you can contact us.


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