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You want to have hair transplantation, but you don’t know what details you need to find out? The 7 most important questions to be asked to your doctor and all other details can be found in our article.

Baldness is now history. People who have partial or total hair loss problems are severely affected psychologically. Especially the people who give importance to their visual appearance experience serious problems because of the sparseness on the forehead area. Hair loss is more common in males than in females. But it is possible to regain lost hair thanks to the developing technology. And this is possible only through hair transplantation.

First, you should be examined in a ministry-approved institution. After the examination, specialists determine the amount of hair transplantation and the number of grafts required. Hospital or health centre conditions, the procedures to be performed by the doctor, the reliability of the centre, all the procedures before and after the operation should be asked to the doctors and information about these issues should be collected.

Of course, price is not the only determining factor in hair transplantation. Although patients are curious about the price issue in the first place, it is also important that the procedure is performed under hygienic conditions and successful results are obtained after planting. For this purpose, it is necessary to consult specialist doctors before making the decision to have hair transplantation and to learn about the issues that require special care before and after the procedure. It is another indication of how professional and qualified that hair transplantation centre is if you can easily ask specialist doctors about all the details.

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1. What Are Your Hair Transplantation Prices?

In fact, price information should be the last question to be asked. However, we know that this is the first question in your mind. So, we wanted to start with the price information. Before the aesthetic operations such as hair transplantation, the first question asked is about its price. The high price does not necessarily mean that the center is of good quality!

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Similarly, the fact that prices are at reasonable levels does not mean that the hair transplant center is under the counter. Your baldness level is the determining factor for hair transplantation prices. If there is local baldness, the number of grafts required to close this sparseness will be calculated by specialists. According to the number of grafts to be added to the area, you will be notified about the price by the center. If the regional sparseness is intense, the price given will increase accordingly. However, compared to abroad, the prices of hair transplantation in our country is quite reasonable. Many tourists from abroad travel to our country to have hair transplantation.


2. How Are Hair Roots Taken?

After detection of the area where hair loss is experienced, the number of hair follicles to be planted is determined by specialist doctors. The hair is collected from the dense areas together with their tissues, not one by one. In the meantime, problems such as bleeding may occur.

The hair, which is to be planted according to the area, and grafts composed of tissues, are taken by using some hair transplantation techniques. The procedures are performed on the same day. That’s because the grafts should be kept in a sterile environment. You won’t feel any pain when the roots are being taken. After being taken, the hair roots need to be placed in the area as soon as possible. If the procedure is not performed correctly, the correction will be much more laborious.


3. What Should I Pay Attention to After Hair Transplantation?

After the procedure, the area is covered with the help of a bandage. Care should be taken for possible infection situations. Hair transplantation is a permanent procedure. Especially if the procedure is performed in the summer months, the person should be careful not to sweat. Because sweat can damage the hair follicles. It’s difficult for the hair to come to a head and grow. In addition, in the first days, non-sterile pools or sea environments should absolutely be avoided.

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4. When Should I Wash My Hair?

Washing is not recommended in the first 1-2 days following hair transplantation. The planted area is bandaged, and attention should be paid even to the sleeping position in the bed. After 2 days, the hair is washed by the doctor for the first time. This procedure should be performed at the centre where you had your hair transplantation.

First, a lotion is applied to your head and there is a waiting time afterwards. After this stage, your head is washed without over rubbing with warm water. When drying with the towels, too much pressure on the area should be avoided. After your hair is washed, you should use the medication and lotions given by your doctor regularly. Within 10 days, incrustation will occur on your head. After the crusts have fallen, your hair will start to come out successfully.


5. After How Long Do I Recover?

Hair transplantation sessions take long. Taking hair follicles and placing them individually will take at least 4, maximum 7 to 8 hours. It also takes 10 to 15 days for the hair to come to a head and crusts to fall completely. Depending on the condition of the patients and the size of the planted area, the healing process may also vary. This is the time for the hair to start coming out completely in the normal way. Otherwise, you can continue with your normal work even after 1-2 days of hair transplantation (if you adhere to what needs to be done).


6. Are The Hair Taken Enough to Cover the Sparseness Area?

The answer to this question will, of course, be given by the specialist doctors. At the examination stage, the hair between two ears is examined. If this number is enough as a donor, the procedure is started. This number is usually enough because the hair on the upper part of the nape is very frequent and strong. However, if the area to be transplanted is too big or the patient wants frequent planting, at this point, hair in other parts of the body, such as chest hair, can be removed and transplanted.

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7. Can I Get Successful Results?

Nearly all procedures, performed by approved and certified specialists by the Ministry of Health, produce successful results. In hair transplantation that has already been done correctly, there is absolutely no possibility of non-retention of the hair or of the hair loss again.

Another important point is that the hair must be planted at the right angle. Otherwise, even if the planting is successful, the grass man-like image may appear. Choosing the right doctors and hair centres is very important for the procedure to be error-free and successful.

Getting the expected results in hair transplantation procedures, eliminating the problem completely and performing the procedure in accordance with the hygiene conditions are amongst other topics that you should ask your doctor about.

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Failure to comply with the rules set out in the health centre will cause further serious problems. Local anaesthesia is given to the patient during the procedure. First, required inspection should be done by the anaesthesiologist to see if there is an obstacle to the patient’s taking anaesthesia. It is true that doctors have a big task, but your task is also very important here.

Choosing the right clinic and the doctor is vitally important. If you prefer unhealthy and unhygienic centres only because the price is appropriate, you may also experience situations such as the risk of catching infectious diseases and getting infected. For this reason, you should have hair transplantation after detailed research. You should consult your doctor about what needs to be done before and after the procedure, whether the centre is registered with the relevant ministry, whether the practitioner doctors have certificates, whether there are doctors attending the hair transplantation procedure, and all other details.

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